Nia Sharma survived on little food for a week to have a flat belly for her new song

People are falling in love with Nia Sharma’s new song Phoonkh Le. She recently talked to ETimes TV about how much work she has put into the song. A friend of Nia’s asked her about her favourite song. Nia told the friend that she had stopped eating and would practice for hours to get the moves right.

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She also talked about how nervous she was and how she had a meltdown before filming the song, which made her very sad. Because the actress is so happy with how it turned out, she hopes that her fans will be, too. she said,

“I’ve never done a song or an item number like this ever before. I am not a pro when it comes to dancing, I don’t have a dancing background. There was so much pressure on me as it was an original song and the makers were rooting for me,”.

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As her first item number, Phoonkh Le, the Naagin actress said she was very nervous. She worked hard to make the song a hit.

Nia Sharma new Song Phoonkh le

Nia shared Her experience

“I was very nervous, so I just started working hard on the song. I started cycling more, working out more, I stopped eating. I started rehearsing for 3 hours when I was asked to do only for 1 hour. I was nervous, under pressure because I did not know if I’ll be able to pull off such a song,”.

She also listed down her favourite actresses who have done successful item songs in Bollywood.

“In our country we have seen some of the best item songs by women. Be it Katrina Kaif, Malaika Arora, Urmila Matondkar, and when I was offered this I didn’t want to be mediocre. I’ve given my sweat for the song and done my best. I loved myself in the song.”

Nia Sharma Surviving on Quinoa and little food

Talking about her preparations for the song and surviving on Quinoa and little food to achieve a fat belly, Nia said,

“I just didn’t diet, I would like to tell you, I had stopped eating to look fit for the song. It’s my working style, if I take up something challenging, I go all out. I wanted to look fit and do full justice to the song and the outfit they had given me where I’d to flaunt my flat belly. I remember eating only Quinoa and very little food for seven days. There were times when I would faint also during rehearsals, but I did not give up, I just went all out and I am very happy with the outcome of the song. From workout, cycling I did everything so that I do full justice to the project. In fact, I also had fever for a day while shooting because of the exertion but I wanted the song to come out nicely.”

Nia Sharma Coping with Pressure of new Song Phoonkh le

The actress also opened up her meltdown phase which she dealt with before shooting the song, “The nervousness is on another level when I am doing a project as people have a lot of expectations from me when it comes to looks or experimenting with my looks. I got psyched out and I had a meltdown and I cried also before the song because I had a feeling that I will not be able to do anything, will I look nice so there was much tension in my mind. I had many meltdown moments when I finally did this song. I had jitters, shivers and I’ve gone through all those phases,” she concluded.

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