Rajesh Kumar take on his character in Excuse Me madam

Rajesh Kumar on “Excuse Me madam”: Rajesh Kumar, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai fame is back with bang. He has started shooting for the television show Excuse Me Madam. He is playing the role of Sanam Agarwal aka Sanam Harjai in the TV serial. Rajesh has recently recovered from COVID-19. The actor has to increase his weight while preparing for another character for a different show, however, the weight gain has helped essaying of the character of Sanam Agarwal aka Sanam Harjai in Excuse me Madam.

Rajesh explains, “Yes, the weight gain is helping me create the character in a more realistic way. A lot of men feel it is time for a semi-retirement once they reach 40, especially in North India. They don’t pay much attention to their fitness and lead a very laid-back life. With weight, facial reactions look cute, especially in comedy. I am playing a common man and not a hero, so it perfectly works. I have no apprehensions about my weight because that helps me look like a regular 40-year-old man, much needed for the character. As long as being overweight justifies a character, I don’t worry about it.”

“My character Sanam Harjai is not a typical henpecked husband, but for him, living with a possessive wife is not easy. At the same time, he falls in love with his boss. He is also an underdog. Sanam is a very loving character and a typical 40 plus man. He is at an age where both the waist size and age are the same – 40!” giggles Rajesh.

The actor Rajesh Kumar has acted in shows like ‘Pritam Pyare Aur Woh’, ‘Mrs & Mr Sharma Allhabadwale’, ‘Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahin’, ‘Bhootwala Serial’, ‘Kkusum,’ Zindagi Khatte Meethi among others, but what has immortalized Rajesh kumar is the role of the quirky Roshesh and his equally quirky poems in ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.’ However, the actor points out that playing Sanam was no cakewalk. He explains,

“I have no similarities with my character at all, and that is the challenge. I don’t have a specific get-up for this show. I’m just being myself on-screen as far as the appearance is concerned, but I had to create a different character and person for the camera and audience. My inspiration came from real-life men who feel bored after 10-15 years of their marriage. I would like to believe that it is not just men who get attracted to other women at 40, but women also get attracted to other men around that age (smiles).”

Rajesh Kumar on “Excuse Me madam” character uniqueness is the intelligent writing laced with humor. “The situations and the conversations in the show are very real, something everyone will be able to relate with and that’s what makes the show and the characters funny. I feel shows like ‘Excuse Me Madam,’ that are simple in their plots and storytelling are rarely being made today,” he adds.

Speaking about the special attraction of the show – the dogs – Rajesh adds, “We have humanised the dogs in the show and they have their own conversations. I am having a great time with these furry friends on the sets. With them around, everything seems happy and vibrant.”

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