Yesha Rughani quits Hero: Gayab Mode On | Abhishek Nigam Says goodbye

Yesha Rughani has quit the show Hero: Gayab Mode On. She portrayed the character of Zara in the show. Yesha Rughani completed her shooting of the show on 11th August. Her co-star Abhishek Nigam from the show, shared an emotional note on the social media expressing how much he is going to miss her. Also Read: Munmun Dutta Explains Her Absence From TMKOC

Abhishek Nigam along with his emotional farewell post shared a series of photos with his costar Yesha Rughani, shared that Yesha holds a very special place in his heart. He also said that Yesha will forever be Zara in his heart, and he wished her best for her future.

Sharing the images, He wrote, “GOODBYES are not Forever. Goodbyes are not end. They simply mean I will miss you until we meet again. Posting these memories that I created with from day 1 till Now. You hold a special place in my heart and the show Zara (PS: I know you gonna say call me Yesha) but you are my Zara forever, we will miss you and the food you used to bring (maasi made Ofcourse) your room where we used to chill all day and your positive energy­čą║ OK lastly I wish you all the best for your future and your life ahead. You gonna rock it girl.” Also Read: Shahrukh Khan gives green signal to this action thriller film, John’s returns once again in Action mode after ‘Dhoom’

Abhishek Nigam on Yesha Rughani quits Hero: Gayab Mode On

Yesha Rughani quits Hero: Gayab Mode On

The young actress Yesha Rughani was part of the show from the onset of Hero: Gayab Mode On. That is last year in November 2020. The actress has worked really hard over her character including following a strict diet. During the launch of the show, Yesha had exclusively revealed that she follows a strict diet to be in shape as she plays the role of an actress, she had said back then,

“I do intermittent fasting because I have PCOD and to keep it in control and keep a track on it, I am following this healthy diet lifestyle. I do not step much on the weighing scale, but I have managed to lose 8 kgs. Honestly, it is very difficult when you have PCOD. You have to deal with weight issues. So, fortunately, I realised about it during lockdown when I underwent a weight loss program. I started looking after myself, used to eat, sleep on time. I used to keep myself hydrated, wakeup on time so I followed a proper routine and my mother took care of each and every small thing. was not stressed, because I was at home in my comfort zone, not working and doing anything else, but concentrating on my health. So, it made things easier for me. Usually, we are working round the clock, we wake up late, sleep late, we work for long hours, we miss our lunches or dinner, so all this affects our health. It gets difficult to maintain. Fortunately, it worked in my favour as I was at home.” Also Read: Sana Khan Says Goodbye to Showbiz Lifestyle. Find out why?

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