Valentine Day’s Health Tips: How to eat wisely to avoid the puffy eyes the morning after

Valentines’ Day dates usually promise drinking and chocolates. And while the two may be just the elixir to help you keep the love going, they are not that great for morning after. No woman would want to go to bed a lady and wake up a tramp. But drinking and that excellent meal may just cause you to wake up to puffy swollen eyes – a look hardly recommended.

So what to do? You have been off the carbs to make sure you fit into that little red dress and now is the day to eat! But before you do go on that no holds bar binge…. here are some tips on how to eat wisely to make sure you wake up glowing and not bloated.

Valentine Day’s Health Tips: Manage your carbs carefully

The biggest mistake many women do is going off carbohydrates. While they may promise you a tighter belly, it also means that when you finally put that piece of chocolate in your mouth, all hell breaks loose. Often, it could trigger a carb-binge which would be not good for your weight, your mood or your morning after.

Hold that drink!

It does not matter if you choose wine or whiskey…the fact remains that all drinks end up dehydrating you. What is wise is to count your drinks. Take time to finish your drink, enjoy the one or two odd glasses of wine but then…call it a day. If, however, you are planning to drink up, then make sure you eat well. It is important to eat healthy fats like dried nuts and fruits with your liquor to keep your gut balanced. Also, a bit of dairy like cottage cheese, curd or good old cheese may be a good idea to balance the same.

Say no to soup.

Soups are not your best friend. Though you may think that they are easier on your tummy, the fact is that most of the soups have a higher than usual concentration of salt in them. Salt, in turn, would increase the bloating. So, say no to soup and instead choose maybe a mocktail or a simple lemon water.

Hydrate yourself throughout the day

Water is essential and it is important to hydrate yourself properly before a big date. On the day, you can help yourself to coconut water or lemon water early in the day. Not only would it keep your tummy happy, it would also maintain the electrolyte balance in your body and ensure that you glow on your date and you glow the morning after!

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