World Egg Day 2020: Boiled, Poached, Scrambled or Fried – what’s the healthiest way to cook and eat eggs

World Egg Day 2020: celebrated on the 2nd Friday of October every year. And while we appreciate devoting a day to the humble ‘Egg’, it is important to include it every day in your diet. A true super food, egg adds a punch to your daily diet by giving you a healthy dose or proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace amount of other nutrients and a fuller happier stomach.

Whats’ best, it can be cooked in various ways – each way in delicious harmony with a variety of ingredients that can keep you excited. Boil them, bake them or poach them – scramble them fry them or make an omelette out of them – you can keep changing the preparation to keep it interesting day after day. Though eggs are all about good health – which is the healthiest way to cook and eat eggs? Read on to find out.

World Egg Day 2020: Healthiest way to cook and eat your eggs

Raw or Cooked?

There are many ways to cook your egg and all of them help make the egg more digestible. A study suggests that human body is able to consume 91% of the protein in the eggs when cooked as compared to raw eggs.

World Egg Day 2020, Raw or Cooked

Furthermore, eggs are an excellent source of ‘biotin’ – Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, which helps in fat and sugar metabolism. With raw eggs, this source is unavailable as it is bonded with a substance called avidin, which the body cannot consume. Cooking the egg causes structural changes and helps in making biotin easier to absorb.

On the flip side, cooking an egg also causes loss of nutrients. As much as 51% of vitamin D is lost if the egg is baked for a long duration of time.

A word of caution though – when choosing to cook – boil, poach, fry, baked or omelet’s, avoid high heat cooking and prolonged cooking. Eggs are best when cooked for shorter duration of time and with lower heat cooking methods. This also causes less cholesterol oxidation and limits the loss of nutrient. Also Read – Kadai Chicken Recipe | Lunch or Dinner | Badbola Recipe

Boiled/ Poached/ Fried or Scrambled?

Now that we know cooking is healthier – the question arises, how to cook? Is boiled egg the healthiest? Should it be a soft boil or a hard boiled egg? What about omelette? Are scrambled eggs better?

The answer would largely be based on your age, health, body type and requirements, any health conditions and so on. For instance, if you are aiming at losing weight, then boiled or poached eggs are the best. Similarly, people who have protein and vitamin deficiency, the boiled or poached eggs could be the ideal way to consume eggs.

For the calorie conscious, the egg whites are perfect – in either form. An average chicken egg yolk contains about 17 to 22 calories, making it a perfect accompaniment to your salads or meals. Just add them to make your meal rich in proteins and give you a fuller feeling. Also Read – Sonarika Bhadoria bold photos, views on recent body shaming

For a young healthy adult, there are no real restrictions. Obviously adding extra unsaturated fat is not recommended. Traditionally, eggs are cooked in butter. If you would rather use an oil, use an oil that is stable at higher temperatures. This would ensure that the oil remains stable and its not oxidized to form free radicals. This would include sunflower oil. For Olive oils and coconut oils – ensure that you cook at temperatures lower than 210 degrees Celsius and 177 degrees Celsius respectively.

Final Verdict on the World Egg Day 2020:

No matter, what the reason or occasion, boiled and poached eggs are a perfect accompaniment. But don’t shy away from experimenting with eggs and add lots of vegetables in your omelets to make it super healthy and delicious. Also Read – Eggs or Paneer, Which is better for weight loss?

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