Eggs or Paneer, Which is better for weight loss?

The key to weight loss is following the right and nutritious diet. So, if you are trying for weight loss or trying to build muscle mass. Protein has to be the main focal point of your diet. Protein is one of our life’s building block as it is the key factor for building bones and it also plays a vital part in other functions of our body.

There are two affordable, abundant sources of Protein. Eggs and Paneer. Both are popular and good sources of high-quality protein. They are also a known source of healthy nutrients like calcium, B12 and iron.

For the vegetarians, the debate is already over as they only have a choice of having one. Benefits of this choice for Vegetarians, I will get to this soon (Another article). However, for non-vegetarians, they do have a choice to make. So, here we have tried finding the answer to the critical question. Eggs or Paneer, which is better for weight loss?

Is Egg Better than Paneer for Weight loss?    

Egg is known for its versatility in going with the any dish. Be it alone or mixed with some other food ingredient. The price of the egg doesn’t hurt its popularity either. All these things make it a popular weight loss friendly food. It is touted as a superfood and is known for its many health benefits. Eggs are also a rich source of vitamins A, B, E, and K. Due to high-calorie content in the yolk, most people discard it, unaware of the fact that the yellow portion of eggs is loaded with several healthy nutrients. Also Read- Weight Loss by Green Tea: know when to consume this beverage

Is Paneer Better than Egg for Weight loss?

Paneer or cottage cheese is a popular dairy product. Just like humble eggs, paneer can also be included in a lot of dishes in many different ways. Sor starters, you can make a paneer sandwich or just sauté the slices of paneer in some oil, add salt and enjoy it as an evening snack. Being a decent source of calcium, paneer can keep your bones healthy and teeth stronger. Also, it prevents you from binge eating and accumulating too much fat in your belly at the end of the day. Besides, paneer contains other nutrients as well like vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin D and riboflavin. Also Read- Cinnamon Tea Best for Weight Loss: Best Weight loss Tea

Egg or Paneer: The better source of protein

Eggs or Paneer, they both have more or less similar nutrient composition. Apart from protein, both are packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, calcium and different kinds of vitamins. Both are known to play a vital role in keeping us fit and maintaining a healthy weight. Eggs or Paneer, both are the food items that help us in building muscles and achieving our goals for weight loss. Also Read- Weight loss to improved immunity 5 reason why you should switch from morning tea to lemon water

My assessment is that, it is impossible to state which is better as both of them have their own set of health benefits. Only you can decide which food item you want to include, you can include both the food items in your diet to reap their incredible benefits and add variety in your diet.

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