5 Summer Drinks: Add refreshing twist to your tea to beat the heat this summer

Summers mean heat, sweat and lazy afternoons. It also is the perfect time for juicy fruits and cool summer drinks. And what better summer drink to chill with friends and family than the humble ‘Chai’ or Tea. But wait – if you are crazy about tea but want something other than the ‘cutting’ or ‘adrak wali masala chai’, here are some twists that are just too good to be true. Enjoy your summer tea with these delicious twists.

Tea, with its rich anti-oxidants are just a perfect match. But when the mercury soars high, the body aches for something chilled and sweet, with just the tang and zest to get you through. Enjoy your summer afternoons while sipping on these cool chai’s.

Orange Green Tea As Summer Drink

Refreshing and tangy, this concoction is just perfect for orange lovers. The blend comes with orange peels with just a hint of lemongrass. Easily available off the counter as well. To make it yourself, let green tea leaves and dried orange peels soak in hot water. Remember, do not bring to boil – instead, let the tea leaves and zest just simmer in hot water. Add a little lemon grass for flavor. Sieve after a short while and refrigerate for 5 hours. Meanwhile, prepare a little sugar syrup with equal parts of sugar and water and let it cool. Before serving, add few ice cubes in a tall glass, add sugar syrup as per taste and then top it with the chilled tea.

Lemon Mint Green Tea

Mint is a synonym for cool and refreshing. Add it to your tea to make the ultimate blend. Keep your body cool and mind relaxed with this summer cooler. Simply add a few mint leaves in your green tea and let it infuse. Refrigerate it and serve with ice and a few fresh leaves of mint. Add sugar syrup to top it if you want the sweetness. Best enjoyed without sugar though!

Aam Panna Iced Tea

Summers are amiss without the mention of mangoes and summer drinks are empty without aam panna! Mixing it with tea could be just the drink you need to kick those lazy afternoon away. Just prepare the aam panna concentrate. In a tall glass, add 1/3rd sugar syrup, top it with Aam Panna concentrate and infused tea (chilled). If you prefer, add a little sparkling water to add the fizz and top it with a few fresh mint leaves. Serve with ice.

Hibiscus Iced Tea

Hibiscus tea is easily available. Tea leaves mixed with dry red petals give the drink a beautiful red colour and an amazing flavor. Prepare the tea as you normally do and let the flavor infuse properly. Add sugar to taste and drink chilled to enjoy a fruity and aromatic experience to beat the heat.

Chamomile Iced Tea

Chamomile Tea is known for its calming effect. Instead of trying it hot, try it chilled with honey. To make, siply add a few tea leaves of chamomile green tea in hot water and let it infuse. Strain it after it has reached the colour you prefer and keep in fridge. To serve, add the tea in a tall glass, top it with honey and enjoy.

Enjoy these with either water or sparkling water. Add your own twist in the teas. Also, normal tea leaves can also be used with infused flavor of rose and peach to make the classical combinations. The only thing to remember – make it with love.

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