Puja Banerjee’s heartwarming note, recalls when she could not see her newborn for three days

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev fame Puja Banerjee’s heartwarming note on Motherhood recently. She and her husband Kunal Verma became parents on October 9, 2020. The newly minted parents of a baby boy are ecstatic with happiness as they welcomed the little bundle of joy into this world.

First time parents Puja Banerjee took to social media to share a note on her feelings about motherhood as well as thanking everyone for their wishes in a heartwarming note. She also recalled the experience of not being able to see her newborn baby for three days.

Puja Banerjee also mentions in the heartwarming note, how she was taken aback when doctors told her that her husband Kunal won’t be allowed inside the due to the coronavirus scare.

Puja Banerjee’s heartwarming note

Puja shared an image with husband Kunal and their baby boy but it did not reveal his face, “Sharing my experience. 1stly I want to thank each and every one of you who have showered their love and blessings on our lil one and sorry I could not reply all of you. This is been an extremely emotional journey for both of us as we have been through a lot in these last few days. So, starting from day 1.

On 9th of October 2020 we reached the hospital early morning after a sleepless night full of excitement, anxiety, happiness and all mixed emotions as we were about to see our baby for the 1st time and we were very much prepared to welcome him in this world. As per previous discussion with the doctors my husband was supposed to be inside the OT with me for my moral support during the surgery but due to this unfortunate corona situation he wasn’t allowed and I had to go for it alone.

I broke into tears as I was entering the OT cos honestly I was scared as it was my 1st time and I had no clue what’s gonna happen to me but I had Hopes at least if my I can hold my husband’s hands I will be fine and that din happen, still I went ahead and only thing which was going on my mind was our baby and imagining what will he or she look like .

The surgery started and within a few minutes I could hear his 1st cry. But I could hardly see his face they took him to clean. I was thrilled and awaiting to see him for 1st time then they showed me his face finally for few seconds and said I will get to see him in the recovery room. Rest of the surgery got over and I kept waiting to see my baby properly but to my disappointment I came to know the baby was taken to NICU already cos he got some breathing issues. My heart skipped a beat and I din know how to react.

Then our wait started, day 1, day 2 day 3 we both were running out of patience. As we both din even know how he looks cos we hardly saw him for a few seconds. Finally, after a lot of prayers on day 4th he recovered. And was given to us and we met him for the 1st time. Our heart and life is filled with joy and we both love him to our life. But somehow I will never be able to forget those 3 nights without him. And I pray each and every child born should be safe and sound. And may they never have to be away from their mothers ?”

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Puja and Kunal met on the sets of their show: Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna. Eventually falling in love with each other. Post, dating each other for nine years, the couple exchanged rings in 2017. Due to the pandemic they had to postpone their wedding twice. The couple then opted for a court marriage in February 2020.

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