Anupama Written Update 07 Dec: Kavya threatens Vanraj

Anupama Written Update 07 Dec: Anupama and Vanraj stand outside the house and talk about his decision to divorce Kavya. He questions why Anupama is bothered about the matter related to Kavya. In response, Anupama says she is concerned about the family. Comparing Indian culture with the foreign culture, she says that family members are bothered when relations are formed or broken. She adds that the whole family will be affected by this action and thus requests him to re-think it.

Listening to the loud noise from Kavya’s room, Vanraj and Anupama run towards the room and find Kavya shattered and agitated. Looking at Kavya’s condition, Anupama recalls the time she learnt about Vanraj and Kavya’s relation. She tries to console and calm her. Vanraj is angry at her and says he is tired of her drama. He says her insecurity is a disease, and he can’t deal with it anymore.

Anupama tries to handle the situation and explain both of them to act mindfully. In anger, Kavya threatens to file multiple cases against him. Vanraj doesn’t fear and dials the phone number of the police station. Anupama disconnects the call, saying they should wait before taking any intense action.


Anupama Written Update 07 Dec: Anupama is worried for the family

Anupama Written Update 07 Dec: Meanwhile, Anuj tries to call Anupama and gets worried when he learns from Samar that she is alone at home with Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama is upset and tense. While walking to her home, she finds Anuj on the way to the tea stall. She grabs the teacup from his hand and drinks it in one go. She shares her worry with Anuj and says that she is upset after seeing Kavya alone in such a situation.

Anuj hopes that the fight between the two settles soon. Anupama says that when she was in such a situation, she had the support of his family, whereas Kavya only has one friend, Mr Shah, with whom she is facing such a situation. She says she is worried about Vanraj and Kavya’s actions as the entire family will face the consequences.

Precap: Anuj meets with a car accident.

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