Anupama Written Update 08 Dec: Anuj’s Car Accident

Anupama Written Update 08 Dec: Anuj drops Anupama at home, and Kavya decides to manage her relationship with Vanraj. She starts cleaning the room, and Leela joins to help. She asks Leela to talk to Vanraj. In response, Leela says she will not interfere in their matter but will pray for everything to get managed.

The next day at the dining table, Kinjal and Paritosh engage in an argument when she learns about his meet with Rakhi Dave. She says he could work somewhere else too. On seeing the argument, Vanraj loses his calm and ask them to stop. He tells everyone that he is planning a business, and Paritosh can join him in work if everything goes well. 

Hasmukh asks Kavya to join the family for breakfast. Vanraj gets up from his chair and leaves on seeing her. Meanwhile, Anuj is late for work and thus drives fast. He meets with a car accident but is fortunately safe. He is both shocked and grateful. Thinking of Anupama, he realises the value and uncertainty of life. 


Anuj’s Love Confession

Anupama Written Update 08 Dec: At the Shah residence, Hasmukh attempts to cheer Kavya up. He plays Ludo with her, which makes Leela realise that he is married to an amazing man. She tells Samar that Hasmukh could have stayed angry with her, but he is lot leaving Kavya alone in this situation; he knows how to keep the family together. 

Anupama asks Anuj the reason for being late and not taking her phone calls. He doesn’t respond, and they leave for the site. Anuj continues to think about the accident and the value of life. He decides to tell Anupama about his feeling. Therefore, he yells ‘I Love You’, which shocks Anupama and informs her about the accident. He talks about the uncertainty of life, saying he would have regretted it if he had not expressed his feelings.


Precap: Goons attack Anuj on the head, and Anupama takes him to the Hospital. The doctor says he could be in Coma if he doesn’t gain consciousness.   

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