Anupama Written Update 10 Dec: Vanraj Comforts Anupama

Anupama Written Update 10 Dec: Anupama is shocked to learn about Anuj’s condition from the doctor. She is about to faint, and Vanraj supports her and prevents her from falling on the floor. She expresses her worry and concern. Listening to her words and watching her reactions, Vanraj realises that Anuj is more than a friend to her.

Meanwhile, at the Shah residence, Samar receives a call from the police station. He receives the information about the attack on Anuj and Anupama. Knowing about the attack by goons, he is worried about their whereabouts. Hasmukh asks him the reason for his concern, and Gopi Kaka overhears. They support each other.

At the hospital, Vanraj consoles and support Anupama. He asks her to gather herself and act strong. Samar requests the police to find where Anupama and Anuj are. Paritosh asks him the reason for his worry. On learning about the incident, Paritosh says that he might be a bad person but still respects and loves his mother. He scolds Samar for not informing him about this earlier and consoles him.

Anupama Written Update 10 Dec: Anuj’s Critical Condition

Anupama Written Update 10 Dec: Vanraj informs Samar about Anupama and Anuj’s condition. Meanwhile, Leela cries, blaming herself for Anuj’s condition. Kinjal consoles her. Leela decides to pray to God all night for Anuj to get well soon. Doctor asks Vanraj and Anupama to sign the declaration form for an operation for Anuj’s critical condition. Anupama loses her control, and Vanraj says he has seen her fight the toughest situation and should face this one strongly too.

When Gopi Kaka, Hasmukh and Samar are about to leave for the hospital, Paritosh asks to go along with them. Kinjal is surprised to hear this from him. Leela tells her that the family might have internal disputes and differences but stands united at the time of trouble. She says Paritosh loves his mother and asks her to keep up the faith. On the other hand, Kavya is worried that situations might bring Anupama and Vanraj closer.

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