Anupama Written Update 09 Dec: Anupama Saves Anuj

Anupama Written Update 09 Dec: Anuj expresses his love, saying he is always late in doing so. Hence, today when he was closer to death, he realized that he had to inform Anupama about his love. He continues, saying he never had any hope and still doesn’t hold any expectations. Considering the uncertainty of life, he decided to confess. Anupama stands shocked with his confession. 

She thinks to herself that she has some sort of feelings since Hasmukh advised her to consider giving a chance to Anuj in her heart and life. She calls his name. Suddenly, they are attacked by goons demanding money, jewellery, car key and more. Anuj says he will give them everything, but they must not harm Anupama in any way.

While Anuj takes off his rings and other stuff from his pocket, the magnet which earlier belonged to Anupama and his brother falls on the ground. A goon picks it up and does not return even though Anuj insists. Anuj gives him his wallet and says he will also give him the card and PIN if he returns the magnet. He continues to request and gets the magnet back. Watching Anuj’s behaviour, Anupama stands shocked, seeing Anuj’s love and care for her.


The goons for Anupama to give her stuff. When Anuj sees that they are hurting her, he loses his patience and engages in a fight. He beats them but gets attacked from behind at his head and faints. Anupama gets worried and emotional seeing his condition and drives him to the hospital. 

Anupama Written Update 09 Dec: Anuj in Coma?

Anupama Written Update 09 Dec: Meanwhile, Vanraj is all set for his desire to become successful. He thanks someone on call for listening to his idea. Samar asks him if he is alright. In response, Vanraj says he is fine and thank him. He affirms to fix everything. A worried and emotional Anupama takes Anuj to the hospital and calls Vanraj.

Vanraj tells her not to worry, saying he is coming there immediately. Anupama asks the doctor about his condition. The doctor advises her to call someone from the family, saying neither she is alright nor Anuj. He says Anuj’s condition is serious, informing that he is suffering from internal injuring and could be in Coma if he doesn’t gain consciousness soon. 


Precap: Vanraj notices the worry and emotions of Anupama. The doctor gives them papers to sign for his critical situation. 

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