Anupama Written Update 11th Feb: Anupama’s Kind Words

Anupama Written Update 11th Feb: Anuj has transferred all his wealth and property to Malvika and decided to leave office and his house. Anupama attempts to motivate a discouraged and dejected Anuj. Whereas, Vanraj is delighted because his evil plan finally worked in his favour. He sits on the CEO’s chair and speaks confidently, ‘Vanraj Shah is back.

Anupama writes Start on the street and blows a whistle to encourage him. She tells him that he has lost hope, and she will not ask him to get up or give him any hope or support. She adds he will support himself and find hope on his own. Reminding him about his words, she says he forgets what he writes, but she knows his words by heart. She recites motivation poetry written by Anuj.

Anupama asks how can he lose when he has love supporting him and comforts him. She tells him she will not let him lose, asking for his hand. She says his victory and defeats are hers as well. Meanwhile, Hasmukh and Samar discuss the situations and actions of Vanraj. Samar says Vanraj has again created troubles in Anupama’s life, and he is concerned for Anuj because he lost everything. Hasmukh responds that he must be sad because of the loss of his relations. Also, he expressed concern about Anupama, whose dreams are shattered.

Anupama Written Update 11th Feb: Leela Supports Vanraj

However, Paritosh and Leela still support Vanraj and think that he is not wrong and he is benefitting from his hard work. On the other hand, Kavya thinks that Vanraj is only interested in his dreams and using Malvika to meet his goals. She decides to act wisely with patience for her benefit, saying someone’s tragedy can be an opportunity for someone. She decides to seek an opportunity to get back everything.

Anupama makes Anuj wear his slipper when he stumbles and tells him that the relationship should be of equality like theirs. She says he has done a lot for her and wants to do something for him. She adds that they should start fresh and promise him that he will not feel hurt on the hard path ahead.

Anuj says he doesn’t know where to go, and Anupama tells him to come along with her to her home. Anuj refuses, but Anupama persuades him and finally convince him to live at her house. She says he needs a home where someone will wait for him, ask about his wellbeing and talk about his happiness and sorrows. When Anuj insists, she tells him that she will accompany him wherever he goes. She reminds him of his words that one does not feel much lonely in a small house. They hold each other’s hands and walk into the house.

Gopi Kaka informs Malvika and Vanraj about Anuj’s decision to leave the house and that he will live at Anupama’s house. Vanraj informs the Shah family about the same, adding that they are in a live-in relationship now. On the other hand, he is surprised to notice the sudden change in Kavya’s behaviour. Anuj tells Anupama that it is their house, not only her’s.

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