Anupama Written Update 8th Feb: Vanraj taunts Anuj

Anupama Written Update 8th Feb: Anupama confronts Malvika about her actions in favour of Vanraj. Malvika is upset with Anuj’s decision, but Vanraj brainwashes her, blaming Anupama for his brother’s decision to give everything to her. Anupama attempts to make her understand how Vanraj has manipulated her. She asks her to rethink and understand her brother.
Malvika says Anuj has changed and chosed Anupama over her. She thinks he left her and continues to favour Vanraj. Anupama tries to explain how Anuj has always been with her and wants his sister’s happiness. She tells Malvika that she is gullible and believes the wrong person. She adds that his brother has not changed, and the argument between the two continues.

Anupama points out that Vanraj pretends to be a helpless person and asks her not to depend on anyone else. She warns her about Vanraj, saying the hand supporting her can also pull her down. Malvika says she knows how Vanraj is in reality. In response, Anupama confronts her statement and explain to her not to call the right person wrong.

Elsewhere, the Shah family is worried about the situations in Anuj’s office. Kavya is worried that she might lose her job, whereas Leela is concerned about Vanraj. The family argues and engage in a heated argument regarding the chaos at Anuj’s family.

Anupama Written Update 8th Feb: Anupama’s request to Malvika

Anupama Written Update 8th Feb: Vanraj is concerned that all his plans will be ruined if Anupama convinces Malvika. He is aiming to be on the cover of the business magazine. Anupama asks her to believe in his brother and asks her not to let her relationship with Anuj fall apart. She states that Anuj’s decision is based on her happiness.

Anuj is the best person in the world, says Anupama. Malvika says that Vanraj understands the business very well. In response, Anupama says he understands it so well that he has turned his entire life into a business. He weighs everything in profit and loss.

Anupama tells Malvika that the business was a keepsake for Anuj to be given to his sister. She asks her to remember that he managed her keepsake while Vanraj would manage the business, seeking and caring only about his profit. She reminds him that nobody like Anuj exists in this world. Anupama says she is trying to save Anuj’s relationship with his sister and not his business.

On the other hand, Vanraj taunts Anuj, saying that fate destined an orphan to be a king and that orphan erased that fate. Anuj says Vanraj was rich when he had the support of his family and Anupama. On the other hand, Anupama urges Malvika not to lose her bond with Anuj.

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