Anupama Written Update 12th Feb: Anupama Cheers Up Anuj

Anupama Written Update 12th Feb: Anupama understands Anuj’s concern about the thinking of people if he stays at her house. Thus, she explains to him that the word does not matter to her, but Anuj is important. She knows Anuj will not stop worrying about her and asks him to rest instead, leaving things to deal with for later. Anuj drops the glass of water and starts apologising, saying he wrecked Mukku’s heart, then Anupama’s dreams, and his bond with Malvika. Also, he apologises for dragging her in her family matters.

Anupama shuts him up, asking him to sit and complains that she worked hard to motivate him, but it was all in vain. She says she will begin a longer speech if he does not listen. She tells him that the bonds and dreams can be mended with some effort. It will take time, but everything will be alright. She asks him not to lose hope because they will not lose if they keep up the courage. Anuj asks what if dreams are beyond mending. In response, Anupama tells him to have new dreams and fulfil them.

Anuj lacks the will for new dreams, and Anupama asks him to keep trying. She brings a basketball and says life is like this ball. It goes up and down as long as the game is on. “We were up high, so we had to come down. And now that we are down, we have to go up. We have to rise, and we sure will,” says Anupama.

Anupama Written Update 12th Feb: Kavya’s Changes Behaviour

Anupama Written Update 12th Feb: Meanwhile, Vanraj talks to Leela about the situation. He says he is only focused on his work and has nothing to do with the concern between brother and sister. He tells Leela that he has no feeling for Malvika, and all that he is doing is for his three children. Vanraj states he fell in love with Kavya but never looked towards another woman with an ill gaze. Kavya overhears his talk. Leela and Paritosh stand in support of Vanraj.

Paritosh says that they can not leave a business on Malvika alone because she is unpredictable and can flip anytime. Kavya also speaks in support of Vanraj when she brings him tea. She says she needed a job and was insecure due to Malvika. She realises that her gain and future is related to Vanraj, along with her happiness, desiring a luxurious life because she is sure Vanraj will be very successful.

Anupama performs a dance performance to cheer up Anuj, and he joins her. They spend some time together. Anupama says she knows what she wants to do. Anupama is good at dancing and cooking. She tells him that she will work hard on the dance academy and develop it further. Anuj asks her permission to join him. Anupama asks him if he wants to start his own business. She tells him to help her in the academy until he decides. They seal the deal and prepare food together.

On the other hand, Vanraj is delighted, but Malvika is upset. Gopi Kaka comforts her, but she gets hyper. She asks Gopi Kak how could his brother leave her. Hasmukh, Kinjal and Samar meet Anupama and Anuj. Anupama cheers up Hasmukh, who is upset for failing to help Anupama. Anuj states that Anupama has her family and bonds that should stay forever. He tells him that he will get back on his feet soon. Hasmukh blesses Anuj and Anupama. He talks to Anupama and tries to comfort her.

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