Anupama Written Update 13 Dec: Anuj is Out of Danger

Anupama Written Update 13 Dec: Anuj is awake and asks Anupama what she was trying to say earlier. Anupama tries to confess her love for him but fails. She was once interrupted by the doctor who came in to inform about Anuj’s health, saying he is alright and misinterprets Anupama as his wife, and Anuj corrects him. The doctor says he has never seen two people this much in love and leaves to prepare the discharge papers.

Anuj insists Anupama speaks what she wants to say, but instead, Anupama scolds him for fighting goons alone. After she leaves, Anuj checks his phone and calls Malvika back, but she does not receive the call. Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Vanraj disconnects a call with Malvika, and Kavya asks him about her. Kinjal and Paritosh talk about the uncertainties of life and how they are wasting precious moments by fighting over minor issues. Keeping their egos aside, they decide to start afresh and give their relationship another chance. Leela is happy to see them together.

Anupama to look after Anuj

Anupama Written Update 13 Dec: Vanraj drives Anuj and Anupama to Anuj’s house. Anuj thanks him for his help. Gopi Kaka and Hasmukh welcome Anuj, and Vanraj leaves for a meeting. Hasmukh says Anuj needs complete rest and has to avoid exertion. Gopi Kaka says he will take care of him but suggests Anupama could stay back and look after him. Anuj refuses, saying Anupama will be uncomfortable and will call some nurses if needed. Paritosh suggests he could stay along with her if she feels uncomfortable. His suggestion surprises everyone Anupama and Paritosh leave to get clothes and home-cooked food.


Leela is upset to hear from Hasmukh that Anupama is staying at Anuj’s home. On the other hand, Anuj informs Gopi Kaka about the calls he has been receiving from Malvika. Discussing further, Anuj says communication with her is one-way because she talks to him when she wants. He adds that 10 years of relationship were spent only by looking at a picture. He says that she is in India and knows about Anupama but doesn’t know about his friendship with Anupama. He states that she is his responsibility and a priority. Anupama continues to think over Vanraj and Hasmukh’s words for Anuj.

Precap: Anupama is all set to give love another chance in her life

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