Anupama Written Update 13 Nov: Leela’s Angry Outburst

Anuj appreciates the sweet (Chocolate and Halwa) made by Anupama at her house. Samar is pleased to see Anuj and Anupama’s friendship. He thanks God and prays for them to be together. Vanraj does not take Kavya’s call. She messages someone to call her and decides not to be upset because of others. Leela and everyone worships on the occasion of Diwali at their homes.

Immediately after that, Hasmukh decides to go to Anupama’s house and to the dance academy for the celebration of the festival. Leela is upset because of this decision. All family members also decide to celebrate Diwali with Anupama. Dolly’s husband visits to wish everyone. He also leaves to celebrate the festival with Anupama. Leela, Paritosh and Kavya are upset. They blame Anupama for splitting the family and ruining the festival.

Samar and Pakhi bring sweets for everyone. Anupama misses Leela and lights earthen lamps at the café. Anuj visits and wishes her ‘Happy Diwali’. He helps her in lighting lamps. Leela gets angry seeing the lighted lamps. Paritosh and Kavya instigate her against Anupama. The celebration begins, and everyone dances at the Dance Academy.

Anuj and Anupama inform Hasmukh about their relationship of friendship and seek his blessing. Hasmukh says he understands and blesses them. Leela visits the Academy. Hasmukh and Dolly ask her to leave and not cause any scene that would ruin the festival. She says she came for an important task and will leave after it is finished. She looks at Anuj and Anupama, saying she wants to do the right thing and end all the chaos happening to date.


She adds she wants peace and happiness in everyone’s life with no more fights or taunts. She says this could happen if Anuj and Anupama want so. Anupama asks her to order, saying she will do anything for the sake of the family’s happiness. Anuj also agrees, saying he doesn’t want any problem caused to anyone because of their friendship. Leela brings up the vermilion, saying she wants them to get married. 

Precap: Leela tells Anuj to shut her mouth by getting married to Anupama. Anuj takes vermilion in his hand in anger. 

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