Anupama Written Update 14 Dec: Anupama to confess her love?

Anupama Written Update 14 Dec: Anupama and Sweety talk over a phone call about Anuj’s health. Sweety says she understands how it feels when the best friend is sick. Hasmukh asks her to let him talk. He points out that Anupama is seeking the opinions of other family members and adds that she should think about herself following what her heart says. In response, she says she is a mother, and her heart belongs to her children. Hence, she was seeking their opinion.

Hasmukh says she has the support of Paitosh and Samar. He informs that he told Leela about the plan of staying at Anuj’s health and her reaction. Anupama is shocked and happy to learn that all family members support her decision. She permits her heart o fall in love once again.


Meanwhile, Gopi Kaka and Anuj talk about Malvika and Anupama. They talk about Anupama’s plan to stay at their house for taking care of Anuj. Gopi Kaka says that God is giving them a chance even though Anuj is hopeless of living with Anupama. On the other hand, Anupama is happy about her feelings for Anuj and is on the way to his house. She gets a heart shape tattoo on her hand.

Anupama Written Update 14 Dec: Anupama finds the Photograph

Anupama Written Update 14 Dec: On reaching Anuj’s house, she finds a piece of a photograph. Anuj runs after he watches Anupama collect all the photographs scattered on the floor. Anupama asks him not to worry, saying she would not ask any questions because she knows he would tell him if she needs to know. Anuj thinks to himself that he will tell Anupama the truth at the right time. Gopi Kaka and Anuj welcome her. When Anuj is about to faint, Anupama holds and supports him, and Anuj notices the tattoo on her hand. She scolds him for being careless about his health.

At the Shah house, Vanraj thanks Malvika on call and waits for the next morning. He states that something unexpected by the family members will happen in the morning. Kavya wonders the reason for such behaviour of Vanraj. Anuj asks Anupama if she is feeling awkward living at his house. Anupama says that she does not want to go anywhere. Kinjal is happy to know that Paritosh is applying for jobs.

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