Anupama Written Update 15 Dec: Anupama Dreams of a New Life

Anupama Written Update 15 Dec: Anupama imagines confession her felling to Anuj through a note. She visualises his reaction, and she is lost in that thought. She tries to confess her love but is interrupted as Anuj feels dizzy. Paritosh and Gopi Kaka enter the room and ask him to rest. Anupama looks at the file next to him that was labelled ‘Anupama’s Restaurant project File.’ 

The next morning Anupama opens the door after the bell rings. Hasmukh is happy to see her and wishes she opens the same door home in the future as if it was her. He brings Jalebi for Gopi Kaka. Anupama and discuss Kavya and Vanraj’s situation. He says Vanraj never learnt to manage relationships. 


They also talk about Anupama’s decision of permitting her heart to fall in love again. Anupama says she is doubtful that she will become the one she was in the past. In response, Hasmukh says over-dependence and losing self-identity is wrong. He adds that she has learnt from her previous relationship, and thus, she would not face the same trouble again. 

Anupama Written Update 15 Dec: Anupma learns about Malvika

Anupama Written Update 15 Dec: Anuj is happy to see Anupama in the morning. He finds Malvika’s picture in the newspaper and realizes she is in Ahmedabad. He asks Anupama to get him a glass of water and calls Malvika in the meantime. Anupama keeps flowers in the tray. Looking at this, Hasmukh and Gopi Kaka discuss the relationship of Anuj and Anupama, saying none of the two is good at expressing feelings. Gopi Kaka thinks to himself that the differences between the two will increase after the coming of Malvika. 

Anupama overhears Anuj’s phone conversation with Malvika. Anuj has not seen Malvika in years, and he says that he loves her. He asks her location, saying he is coming immediately, but Mavika asks him to meet later along with Gopi Kaka. After hearing their conversation, Anupama is upset and wonders who is Malvika. On the other hand, Kavya continues to wonder about the reason for Vanraj’s happiness. 

Precap: Anuj is excited to meet Malvika.

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