Anupama Written Update 15th Jan: Anuj Demands a Promise

Anupama Written Update 15th Jan: Anupama is ready to leave the Kapadia house with her packed bags. She informs Gopi Kaka, Anuj and Malvika who urge her to stay. Anupama says she has to leave the house because Anuj has recovered and it’s time to return home. Anuj is upset with her decision and requests her to stay for longer. Malvika and Gopi Kaka also want her to stay. Anupama says she can not live any longer, and people will not like it. Anuj scolds her for thinking of others and not about him and Malvika. He asks her to stay for Malvika.

Anupama agrees to stay at their home when Malvika requests her again. Anuj is happy as they convince Anupama and says he will be upset if she again talks about leaving. He asks her to promise not to talk about leaving him. She promises not to go anywhere, leaving him but adds she will have to go someday. Holding the loose end of her Sari, he says he would not let that day come. Anupama is happy by this action of his.


Meanwhile, Samar and Nandini argue about Kavya’s situation and actions. Nandini is upset with Samar’s words and his mindset. She sticks to the point that Vanraj is equally at fault for hurting Anupama. The argument turns ugly, and Nandini asks if the same happened with her in future. In response, Samar says there is no solution for this doubt, and they should rethink their decision to get married.

Anupama Written Update 15th Jan: Anupama’s Suffering

Anupama Written Update 15th Jan: On the other hand, Pakhi is impatient for going to the USA for higher education. She shares her worry with Paritosh, who advises her to put in efforts sincerely for convincing her parents. She asks him to teach her for entrance exams. They decide to work together to figure out a way for her.

Elsewhere, Anuj thanks Anupama for handling the situation with Malvika. He says Malvika is not the only person who suffered domestic violence, mental trauma and emotional abuse. He points out that Anupama has not suffered less. She informs him about the talk she had with Vanraj on the night of December 31.

Anupama told Vanraj what he did to her was no less than what Malvika suffered. Vanraj never abused her physically, but insulted her every day, cheated on his wife for years, harmed her self-respect, and harmed her emotionally. He insulted her and questioned her character even after they were separated. He questioned his friendship with Anuj in front of her children and elders and continued to trouble her emotionally.


However, she decided not to take revenge and move ahead in life. Anupama told Vanraj that he would suffer if he does not change his behaviour. After listening to the conversation, Anuj says she has given him another reason to respect her. Leela calls Anupama to inform her about the situation with Samar and Nandini. Samar left the house in anger and did not stop when Leela asked him to stay back.

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