Anupama Written Update Jan 14: Anupama Warns Vanraj

Anupama Written Update Jan 14: Anupama warns Vanraj about his behaviour with Malvika. She reminds him that focus on his work. Vanraj questions his warning, saying Malvika is her extra friendly business partner. He adds he is highly focused on his work. Anupama reminds him that Kavya is her responsibility, and he should act responsibly for Malvika. She fears that Kavya might have to suffer in future and asks Vanraj to respect the boundaries of friendship.

Elsewhere, Leela senses the tension between Samar and Nandini. She questions him for the reason for their fight, but Samar refuses and says that he wants to marry Nandini. He requests her to get him married. They spend some quality time together, and Leela asks if everything is alright. She is afraid they might have disputes due to the ongoing stress between Kavya and Vanraj.

At the dining table, Hasmukh, Leela, Paritosh and Samar discuss the major happening of the last year. Hasmukh wishes a decent job opportunity for Kavya. They talk about the troubles faced by Anupama in the year 2021, along with all her achievements. Shah family is excited for the new year, the Sankranti festival and Holi.

Anupama Written Update Jan 14: Samar, Nandini Fight

Anupama Written Update Jan 14: Anupama assures Anuj that some relationships may appear more than friendship but are actually friendships. In response, Anuj asks her to remember that some relations may appear friendships, but they are more than friendship in reality. Anupama says she will remind him of this fact often. And he flirts with her. Malvika is happy to see them together, calling them beautiful love letters in the times of online dating.

Meanwhile, Samar and Nandini engage in a heated argument about the situations between Vanraj and Kavya. Nandini is upset because Kavya left the house, and she questions Samar about the family’s behaviour toward Kavya. They argue on the actions of Kavya and her decisions. He says Kavya has created all the issues, which enrages Nandini.


Leela calls Samar and Nandini and tells them not to argue outside the house. They fight in front of her, and she asks them not to engage in the matters of elders. Leela tells Nandini that Kavya is not alone, and the family has not disowned her. Nandini asks why Anupama was not involved in this matter. She is afraid that a situation similar to Anupama is being created after Malvika entered the house.


On the other hand, Anupama feeds Anuj Rasgulla and wipes his face with her saree. She gets lost in romantic thoughts about Anuj. He asks her why she was lost, and Anupama leaves for home. Anupama decides to hold back from expressing her feelings to Anuj until the disputes between brother and sister are resolved.

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