Anupama Written Update 17 Nov: Anupama’s Futile Efforts

Anupama Written Update 17 Nov: Hasmukh is devastated after Leela humiliates him on the day of Diwali.  He leaves home and stays at Anupama’s house. Anupama is worried that the worst will happen when Vanraj learns about his father’s insult. She tells Anuj that Vanraj is a great father and even better son. Hasmukh is upset and shattered and goes out of the house. Anupama gets tensed on not seeing him in his room.

When Anuj, still waiting outside her house, finds her tensed, he helps her search Hasmukh. They find him asking a guard for work.  He says that he does not want to be a burden on anyone. Anupama is upset seeing his condition. They take him home. Meanwhile, Samar Pakhi and Kinjal are shocked to see Leela’s anger.

Hasmukh is devastated after Leela humiliates him

Anupama Written Update 17 Nov, The next day, Leela wishes the ‘new year’ to everyone. Kavya asks Leela to bring Hasmukh back. She blames Anupama for all these happenings. Leela says that he will return home on his own. Kavya says that they need to fix everything before Vanraj returns. Leela asks his brother to get Hasmukh back, but he stands with his bag packed to leave the house. Leela’s brother tells her that he is hurt because of his brother-in-law’s insult.

He states that Leela lost her happiness with Anupama and fortune along with Hasmukh. He adds that she is losing her laughter along with losing his brother and leaves. When Vanraj calls, Kavya gets tensed. She convinces Leela to bring Hasmukh back and fix the situation. Anupama, Anuj and Gopi Kaka try to cheer up Hasmukh. They take him out on the morning walk.


Gopi Kaka recites jokes to make Hasmukh laugh but in vain. Anuj tells Anupama that he will be fine soon. She thanks him for help. They try to cheer him up with laughter therapy, but it doesn’t help either. Anuj tells Gopi Kaka that they need to stay strong and support Anupama and Hasmukh.

Precap: Leela visits Anupama’s house to bring Hasmukh back, but he refuses to return.   

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