Anupama Written Update 18 Dec: Malvika, Anuj’s Relation?

Anupama Written Update 18 Dec: Anuj and Gopi Kaka are overjoyed to meet Malvika. They reach late at the venue, and thus, Malvika punishes Anuj to dance with her. Shah family still stands shocked on seeing Anuj and Malkvia and wonder the reason for their closeness. Gopi Kaka joins them in the dance, and Kavya asks Anupama about Malvika, saying Anuj must have told her who she is.

Anuj and Gopi Kaka are shocked to see the Shah family at the party. They learn about the partnership and their new venture. Malvika introduces Anuj to Vanraj as his elder brother. The family members are shocked to know the relation between the two, and Hasmukh is relieved to learn she is his sister. Samar, Nandini and Pakhi wonder why Anuj never told them about her sister.

Anuj never mentioned Malvika, thus Anupama is upset. Malvika realises that the Shah family and Anuj are familiar. Vanraj informs her that he kept her a secret because he wanted to surprise his family. She reintroduces her to his family. She compliments Kavya’s hair and looks, but Kavya continues to feel jealous. She calls Leela adorable and Hasmukh handsome.

Anupama Written Update 18 Dec: Kavya is Jealous

Anuj also introduces her to Anupama, and she is pleased to meet her. She says she heard a lot about her from Anuj. Anupama compliments her, saying she is very cute. She says she has met her before in Anuj’s poetry and thoughts. She compliments Anuj’s style but criticises his poetry. Anupama appreciates his poetry, saying she has heard them before.

Malvika addresses Vanrraj as ‘Raj’ when they are about to leave for taking pictures. Kavya objects when Malvika calls him Raj. They proceed to meet guests at the party. Malvika asks Vanraj if he feels awkward because her brother loves his ex-wife. In response, Vanraj says he felt uncomfortable and awkward at first, but he feels alright now. Malvika is pleased to know this.

Whereas Kavya continues to feel annoyed and jealous on seeing them talk and laugh. Meanwhile, Anuj apologises to Anupama, saying he wanted to inform her. Anupama says she trusts him but has several questions. She adds that she knows Anuj will tell her about it when the time is right but feels upset because she is a human.

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