Anupama Written Update 17 Dec: Vanraj’s Business Venture

Anupama Written Update 17 Dec: Anupama calls Anuj to remind him about the medicine he is supposed to take. She orders him to take it instantly and instructs him to take care of himself until she is not with him. Anuj says he feels as if he is not single. Kavya requests Anupama to tell her how Vanraj has organized this grand party and what are his plans that he is keeping secret from everyone. She promises not to tell anyone. Anupama informs that she is clueless about the situation too. Kavya, curious about Vanraj’s plans, minions Malvika which makes Anupama curious about her as well.


Vanraj is happy to see his family at the party. Everyone is curious and impatient to know the reason for the party. Vanraj says it is important news, and thus, he will grandly tell everyone. Vanraj dances at the party and is joined by Malvika. He announces his new business venture, Vanika Teamworks, in collaboration with Malvika. Introducing his new business venture, he informs that they will inaugurate four unique concept-based restaurants. 

Anupama Written Update 17 Dec: Anuj Meets Malvika

Anupama Written Update 17 Dec: Vanraj introduces Malvika to his family members. Malvika calls Vanraj and her the new business couple in town, which annoys Kavya. They get some pictures clicked, and Kavya feels jealous. On seeing Anuj, Malvika gets excited and runs towards him. She hugs Anuj, and they get emotional because they are meeting each other after years. 

Anupama, Vanraj, Kavya and other family members stand shocked. They wonder the reason for their closeness. Anuj recites poetry, and Malvika says she will have to cancel the cheese sandwich from the menu, saying his lines are too cheesy. She asks him to recite poetry in a better way.


Malvika greets Gopi Kaka and seeks his blessings. She asks him to upgrade his blessings to something like no traffic, optimum laptop performance and dating app responses. Anuj and Gopi Kaka are pleased to meet her. Leela asks Hasmukh the reason for their reaction. Malvika asks Gopi Kaka the reason for coming late to the party and scolds Anuj, saying she will punish him for the same. Vanraj also wonders the reason for their closeness.

Precap: Malvika and Anuj dance at the party. Malvika meets Anupama. Anuj tells Anupama that he wanted to inform her. In response, Anupama says she trusts him but has several questions. 

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