Anupama Written Update 19th October 2021: Anuj’s Romantic Dream

Written Update 19th October 2021: Anupama prepares Jalebi and Fafda for everyone. Shah family is excited on the day of the festival, and they discuss their culture. Meanwhile, Rohan calls Samar and tells him not to approach the police. He says that he will attend the Dandiya celebration at their locality. Anuj tells Samar to return home. He advises him to inform his family about the fight with Rohan.

Shah family is excited about the Dandiya competition organised on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami. Samar asks him to attend the Dandiya celebration organized in the locality. He thinks he would feel safe in his presence. Vanraj and other family members wait for Samar to return.

Samar manipulates Anuj to attend the celebration. Anuj informs Anupama that he will attend the Dandiya function in their locality through text message. Anupama doesn’t get the chance to check his message. When Samar returns home, he suggests visiting the police station the next day. He says that he does not want any negativity on the day of the festival.

Vanraj says that everyone has to be careful. He asks family members not to leave Nandini or Samar alone during the function. Shah family decides to visit the police station when Samar is comfortable. Anuj arranges security for the celebration.


Later, when he romantically dreams of Anupama, Devika visits him and hears him narrating poetry. They talk over the dress that he ordered for Anupama. He tells her that his company gifts clothes to NGOs during the festival. Devika teases Anuj and asks him to give the dress to Anupama. He informs her that he is attending the function too. She takes the dress along with her. She plans to give the dress to Anupama.

Kinjal and Anupama argue over dresses to wear at the dancing celebration. Anupama plans to wear a saree at the function. Devika gives her the dress for Dandiya, which she brought from Anuj. A note from the dress packaging falls on the ground. Pakhi is happy to see the dress and appreciates it. Vanraj finds the note.  

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