Anupama Written Update 20 Nov: Hasmukh Returns Home?

Anupama Written Update 20 Nov: Anuj and Gopi Kaka discuss Leela’s condition after Hasmukh’s response. Gopi Kaka praises Anupama, calling her incomparable. Anuj calls Samar to ask about the situation at Shah residence. Meanwhile, Anupama tells Kavya that she is an outsider; thus, she is not afraid of Vanraj’s anger. Kavya blames her for the splitting of the family.

Reacting to her statement, she served the family as daughter-in-law for 26 years, and the family was never apart. She asks Kavya why can’t she keep the family united. Vanraj asks Kavya why she could not be a daughter to Hasmukh. Kavya and Anupama engage in an argument. Vanraj also blames Anupama saying she tried to split family after she left home. In response, she says that she respects Hasmukh and did what felt right at the moment.

Kavya continues to blame her for Leela’s anger outburst. Anuj learns about the situation at Shah house and tells Gopi Kaka. They decide not to let Hasmukh learn about the happenings, but Hasmukh overhears. At Shah house, Leela accepts her mistake, and Vanraj expresses her anger. He tells her she needs to bring Hasmukh back home with respect.


Hamukh Refuses to Enter House

Anupama Written Update 20 Nov: Anupama tells him that Hasmukh is still angry and needs some time. Vanraj asks Anupama and Leela to keep their mouths shut and instructs Leela to bring Hasmukh back. When he is about to shut the door on Leela’s face, Anupama tries to stop him by holding the door. She says she knows how it feels when someone closes the door in someone’s face; thus, she will not let him do the same with his mother.

Vanraj leaves the door after seeing his father. He apologises and asks him to come back into the house. Hasmukh refuses to enter the house, saying Vanraj should not fight and preserve the remains. Vanraj requests him for another chance. Leela apologizes to Hasmukh, requesting him not to punish Vanraj and the family members for her actions. She states Kavya’s words instigated her.


Kavya loses her calm and explains to Vanraj that she was only pointing out the actions of Anuj and Anupama. Blaming Anupama for the fights, she engages in an argument. Vanraj tells her she was responsible for managing the family, but Kavya continues to blame Anupama and Vanraj’s parents.

Precap: Vanraj tells Kavya that Hasmukh will return with respect, and they will leave the house. Kavya refuses to leave, saying the house belongs to her.

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