Anupama Written Update 21 October: Shahs thank Anuj

Anupama Written Update 21 October 2021: Anuj calls Samar and informs him about Rohan. Shah family runs towards Rohan, and Vanraj is angry at him. Rohan apologizes to Nandini and deletes her pictures. He tells them that Anuj explained to him the meaning of true love. He also apologizes to Anupama, telling her he wanted to attack her for revenge. Rohan leaves after apologizing to the Shah family. Anuj tells him he will keep his promise until he follows the conditions.

Samar and Nandini thank Anuj. Kavya asks the reason for Rohan’s attempt to attack Anupama. Samar informs about his fight with Rohan. He says that if told the truth, Vanraj would have blamed Anupama and scolded him. Paritosh argues with him for not informing the family about this earlier. Anupama thanks Anuj for saving her life. Vanraj thanks Anuj for helping Samar. 

Leela also thanks to him for helping his family but points out that the function is organized in the locality and not at their place. Anuj and Gopi Kaka leave the function. Dance Competition begins, and all family members leave for it. Vanraj warns Anupama that he would not accept if Anuj attempts to take his position in the lives of his children.


Anupama tells him he is just behaving like a friend. Anuj tells Gopi Kaka that he has decided to stay away from Anupama’s family. Devika talks to Anupama about the Shah family’s behaviour towards Anuj. She scolds Anupama for not standing up for his friend and watching him being insulted. She asked why can’t Anuj attend their family functions if Kavya could before marrying Vanraj. He asks her to be thankful for Anuj’s support.

Vanraj’s father points out Leela’s inappropriate behaviour. Anupama doesn’t let Anuj and Gopi Kaka leave the functions and ask him to be this dance partner for the competition. Anuj agrees to join the competition and comes to the venue, which angers Leela and Vanraj.

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