Anupama Written Update 23 Nov: Anupama’s Unbelievable Act

Anupama Written Update 23 Nov: Anupama, shocked after Kavya’s revelation, tells her that she didn’t need to betray anyone because her children would have donated the house to her if she had asked. She tells the latter that home is meaningful only with family, and she should not have betrayed her husband. She points out Kavya’s selfishness, saying stealing is her nature.

Kavya says family members can live with her in her house, saying they are her loved ones. Vanraj says that his family is no longer related to her since the moment she insulted his parents. He points out that she would not have accepted Leela’s anger. Kavya states everything would be alright, but she will own the house. Vanraj dislikes the tone Kavya uses to talk to his father and other family members. She insults all family members. She taunts Anupama, saying she doesn’t have a rich boyfriend like Anuj Kapadia.

Kinjal, Samar and Pakhi refuse to live with Kavya. Anupama asks Vanraj if she should take family members along with her. Kays tells her to inform the name of those who will stay in the house through a message. Vanraj says all family members will continue to stay at the Shah residence. He requests another chance to improve the situation. Anupama convinces everyone, including Hasmukh, to stay at the house for the sake of Vanraj. She asks family members not to punish him for Kavya’s actions.

Hasmukh’s Request

Anupama Written Update 23 Nov: Anupama leaves with Anuj but returns on seeing Hasmukh coming out of the house. He apologizes and calls himself selfish for returning home and leaving her alone. She says she needs him, but Vanraj, Leela and his grandchildren need him more than her. She says that the situation will improve if the family stays united. Also, she requests him to look after Vanraj because the latter needs him the most at the moment.

Hasmukh tells Anupama that she is not alone and asks her to think about her happiness. He says everyone is selfish, and she should think about her future as well. He adds that a person who lives alone suffers from loneliness. While living with Anupama, he realized the trouble of living away from his family. He tells her that God wants to return the love she shared with her loved ones. He says she deserves more. Referring to Anuj, he asks Anupama to give love another chance in her life.


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