Anupama Written Update 24 November 2021: Leela faints

Anupama Written Update 24 November 2021: Hasmukh tells Anupama that she should give love another chance in her life. He says Anuj and Anupama are like Radha Krishna to him. Advising to think about Anuj, he says she should think about her happiness and give Anuj a position in her life and heart. Anupama is shocked after listening to him. Hasmukh says Anuj is the right match for her.

She walks towards Anuj and thinks about Hasmukh’s advice. Looking at Anuj, she recalls her time spent with him. Anuj notices a change in her behaviour and asks her if she is feeling alright. He says that he understands her worry caused by the recently happened chaos in the family. He adds that Vanraj and Hamukh will take care of the family, but she should also think about herself and take care.

Anuj says that he feels as if his world is upset when he sees her upset. After he drops her at her house, he informs her that some important meetings are scheduled for the next day. He requests her to try and come early to the office if possible. He leaves, but Anupama is still shocked and continues to think over Hasmukh’s words.


Leela gets Sick

Anupama Written Update 24 November 2021: On the other hand, Vanraj visualizes himself as a successful person who is appreciated for his rags to riches story. He decides to become a rich and successful man. Leela apologises to Hamukh, saying she does not deserve his forgiveness. She asks him to punish her if he cannot forgive her. Hasmukh says she is already punished by God by having a daughter-in-law like Kavya. He reminds her of the way she treated Anupama. She adds she will continue apologising and faints.

Samar calls Anupama to inform her about Leela’s condition. The doctor informs she fainted because of stress and high blood pressure. Leela says she wants to talk to her family and asks Kavya to leave the room. Kavya argues, saying she is a part of the family, but Anupama is an outsider. After she leaves, Leela apologises to Anupama and all family members for all the trouble she caused. Anupama asks her to forget the past. Leela demands Anupama to grant her a wish.

Precap: Vanraj tells Anupama that he is hurt by Kavya’s actions, and he doesn’t love her anymore. He states that he wants to become a winner. Kavya overhears Vanraj and Anupama’s conversation.

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