Anupama Written Update 25th Jan: Malvika Defends Vanraj

Anupama Written Update 25th Jan: Kavya continues to express her anger on Vanraj for insulting Nandini. She questions Hasmukh and Leela for celebrating Sakranti in her absence. Nandini tells Samar to ensure that Vanraj does not yell at her. In response, Samar asks Nandini to ask her aunt to control her anger.

Nandini points out that Kavya’s point is valid, but the way of expression is wrong. Kavya warns Vanraj, saying she will make his life hell. Vanraj leaves in anger, and Kavya follows him. Anupama is upset because Kavya and Vanraj do not value the happiness of the family, and they ruined the festival by creating a scene.


Hasmukh and Leela apologise to Gopi Kaka for the scene created at the festival. Leela also apologises to Anupama for dragging her into the household problems. Anuj brings water for Leela, Hasmukh and Gopi Kaka and comforts them, saying Kapadia are also their close ones, having a share in their pain and problems. Meanwhile, Kavya is upset with the family members thinking they do not value her.


Samar criticizes Kavya’s behaviour and actions in front of Nandini and tells her that she could have complained at home and not created a scene during the celebration. Elsewhere, Anuj makes a drawing of the Shah family on a kite and gives it to Anupama, asking her to keep up the hope. She also draw Malvika, Gopi Kaka and Anuj on the kite.

Anupama Written Update 25th Jan: Nandini Suggests Moving to USA

Anupama Written Update 25th Jan: They together fly the kite with the drawing on it. She is worried about how she would handle Malvika, Kavya and Vanraj. Anuj and Anupama discuss the situation between Vanraj and Kavya. He asks her to stay away from their matters, saying only they can solve their problems. Malvika blames Kavya for the problems faced in the marriage of Vanraj. She says their relationship is toxic.

In response, Anupama says Kavya is only trying to save her relationship and her anger is valid. She adds that Vanraj is neither giving Kavya another chance nor speaking to her. Anuj agrees with Anupama and says anger is not the solution to the problems, but Malvika blames Kavya and says judging Vanraj is not right.

Malvika continues to defend him, and Anupama is worried about the situation between Malvika and Vanraj. Anuj advised her to draw a line between her and Vanraj’s problems and focus on the responsibilities of Samar, Nandini and Pakhi. On the other hand, Nandini asks Kavya to keep up her self-respect and explain to her that Vanraj does not want to live with her anymore. She suggests that they should return to the USA for a break to think clearly. Anupama overhears their conversation.

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