Anupama Written Update 26th Jan: Kavya Joins Anupama’s Project

Anupama Written Update 26th Jan: Malvika attempts to surprise Vanraj and fails. Vanraj states that he is used to her and thank her for understanding her. he complaints about his troubles, saying he has committed multiple times but is targetted because he is a man. He adds that he has to explain and justify himself to his family members. Malvika cheers him up and makes him laugh.

Elsewhere, Anupama meets Nandini and talks to her and Kavya. She advised them to avoid running away from their relationships. Kavya points out that she should avoid lecturing them and reminds her about the time she chose her self respect. Anupama advised them to think and discuss their problems with a calm mind. She talks about the difference between Self-respect and ego and asks them to leave confidently after getting answers to their questions.


Kavya asks her to do a favour, reminding her of the time she convinced Vanraj when Anupama wanted to work. At Anuj’s office, Malvika and Vanraj are busy with the work on their project, and Anuj waits for Anupama. Kavya’s presence in the office shocks Vanraj. He is annoyed when Anupama informs about her joining in their project.

Anupama Written Update 26th Jan: Samar Ignores Nandini

Anupama Written Update 26th Jan: Vanraj thinks Anupama decided to bring her on board to keep a check on his closeness with Malvika. Whereas Anupama has decided to give Kavya another chance, Anuj warns Kavya not to break her trust this time. Malvika supported Anupama’s decision, praising Kavya’s talent and potential.


Meanwhile, Nandini is confused about her relationship and request a sign from the universe. She hears “LOL” on her way and realised she wants to patch things up with Samar. She meets Samar and tells her how she feels. Also, she informs him about the sign from the universe, but Samar ignores her and says he is angry at himself and feels embarrassed.

Samar points out that their ego dominated their love, and the recent happenings made him realise that they are short-tempered and egoist. He adds that they fail at fulfilling the relationship, and they should re-think before patching things up. On the other hand, Hasmukh and Leela are worried about Anupama’s decision to appoint Kavya for her project. Hasmukh says Anupama must have thought carefully before hiring her. Anuj and Anupama stay late at the office to work, whereas Kavya and Vanraj think about their ambitions.

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