Anupama Written Update 27 Oct: Anuj in a Crisis

In the last episode, Anupama asked Anuj the reason for not being married. Anuj says that his luck was never good in the case of love. He told her that he had been in multiple relationships but never felt love for anyone. Thus, he decided to stay unmarried. Anupama says that he can still marry because he is good at heart, rich and doesn’t look older than 30 years of age. She asks him to get married, stating the reason that everyone needs a life partner.

Anuj laughs and speaks in a foreign accent, saying there are two kinds of people, happily married and unhappily married. He adds that he chose to stay happy and laugh. Anuj asks Anupama the reason for not remarrying.

Meanwhile, Nandini brings medicine for Vanraj and tells him that she feels bad for Vanraj whenever he reacts in anger. She says that whoever gives pain gets it back in return. She further says she feels whatever happened by now was just a built-up, and the actual scene is yet to happen. She requests Vanraj to manage the situation when that happens.

Anupama tells Anuj that she doesn’t want to be married because she lacks the courage to love or handle pain. He jokes, saying that she should join ‘Mama Ji’s singles’ club. Heavy rain starts when they leave for home. He faces difficulty in driving due to low visibility.


The family is worried for Anupama and fails to connect with her. Anuj and Anupama are stuck due to heavy rain, and they fail to contact anyone due to network failure. They decide to look for someplace to wait until the weather gets better. They take shelter in a house and ask the residents to let them contact at home. Anupama calls and informs the family. 

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