Anupama Written Update 27th Jan: Anupama Objects to Vanraj’s proposal

Anupama Written Update 27th Jan: Anuj and Anupama fall asleep, at the office, after staying till late to finish all pending tasks. He admires her while she sleeps, and later, he snores in his sleep. The next day, Malvika visits Anuj’s office and wake them up, handing them their clothes. She asks Anupama to make sandwiches and tea for breakfast and head over for work.
Elsewhere, Kavya joins Vanraj while he leaves for work, saying they have the same destination; thus, they can commute together. Kinjal asks Paritosh to go along with them, and Leela supports the suggestion, saying he will control the situation if it gets tense. He refuses, saying he would not be able to manage anyway and has a different destination.

Vanraj joined Malvika, Anuj and Anupama in the conference hall at the office. They were having breakfast in the conference hall, and Anupama offered him a plate, saying she knew he did not have breakfast. In response, Vanraj says she can sense when he has not had his breakfast but fails to understand who he does not want around her. She says she is not his babysitter who takes up the responsibility of who comes into his life. She states his breakfast, mood, and all matters related to him are his responsibility.

Anupama Written Update 27th Jan: Men can be Victims too

Anupama Written Update 27th Jan: Kavya joins them in the meeting hall, and Vanraj informs about Malvika’s suggestion to launch a restaurant in Mumbai. He thinks Mumbai would be the best location for a restaurant launch, and hence, they agree to go ahead with the idea. Anupama says both partners should agree to go ahead with the idea, and Anuj advises her to think and understand thoroughly before deciding.


Sharing her opinion, Anupama suggests Malvika should focus on completing the Ahmedabad project first. Vanraj says that one should speak only when closely related, be it business or relationship. He adds that Malvika does not need any babysitter, and he asks Malvika to keep business and personal relations separated.
Anupama asks her to focus on the Ahmedabad project, and Anuj supports her opinion. Malvika reacts, saying he has become a slave of his wife before marriage. She specifies that this is Vanraj and her project, and it is their responsibility to handle all the related matters.


Anuj says that the reason behind this sudden decision seems personal.
Malvika asks Vanraj the reason for his anger. He tells her that he is upset with his destiny, and he dislikes Kavya’s presence in the office. Vanraj states that Kavya tortured his family, betrayed him and took over his house and property. He tells her that men like him can also be the victims in life.

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