Anupama Written update 29 Dec: Vanraj Encourages Anupama

Anupama Written update 29 Dec: Vanraj and Nupama are dedicated to working on their restaurant projects. They are competitors and talk on call to make their restaurants the best. She fumbles while speaking women empowerment, and Vanraj helps her to speak correctly. Vanraj looks for a pen to sign documents. Anupama hands him the pen, and they continue to talk about the competition amongst them.

Vanraj comments on their relationship, saying they are together even though they are separated. They travel down memory lane. They realised they have changed over the course of time. She says Lord Krishna is the best scriptwriter. She adds that she didn’t know Anuj 26 years back, but now, she is in love with him. On the other hand, Anuj is upset and feels guilty for questioning Malvika.

Christmas is Malvika’s favourite festival. Hence, Anuj decides to get her the best gift at the festival. Vanraj asks Anupama to confess her feelings to Anuj. Anupama tells him that she feels proud to have come so far in life. She is pleased to have her identity, and Vanraj appreciates her efforts. They talk about their relationship and the up-downs they have faced in the last 26 years.


Vanraj knows Anuj has issues with the partnership with Malvika. He emphasises the point that his focus is only on work. Anupama asks him not to give Anuj any chance of complaint. They are ready for healthy competition amongst them. Vanraj gets emotional on seeing his nameplate. They are both enthusiastically engaged in their work.

Anupama Written update 29 Dec: Christmas Celebration

Malvika invites Anupama for the Christmas party, which she is organising at the Shah residence. Anupama is excited about her first Christmas Party. Malvika shares her experience of the Christmas party she celebrated at an age of five with her family members. She gets emotional and appreciates Anupama’s bond with the family even after the divorce. She trips because of open laces and Anuj helps her tie those.

While leaving, Malvika asks them why they are not getting married when both of them are single. On the other hand, the Shah family is excited to celebrate the festival. Malvika brings Leela to the hall and requests her to decorate the tree. The family is happy and spends quality time with each other. Hasmukh and Leela’s brother both decide to become Santa Claus.

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