Anupama Written Update 29 Nov: Leela, Hasmukh’s Anniversary

Anupama Written Update 29 Nov: Vanraj, upset with Kavya, continues to ignore her. Kavya is annoyed with his behaviour and pull out the earphone from his ear, which angers him. He tells her not to expect anything from him after all the wrongdoings. He says she should focus on her actions rather than his reactions. Anupama visits Shah residence to meet Leela and other family members. Pakhi, Samar and Kinjal ask her to stay, and she agrees.

She makes a phone call to Anuj to talk about work. Anuj hears background noises and understands that she is at the Shah house. He says that he has never known any family similar to Shahs. Appreciating Anupama, he calls her amazing, saying family members excluding Vanraj and Kavya will forget to smile in her absence. He tells her to inform him if any doctor consultation is required for Leela. Anupama says he should not indulge in her problems disturbing his work.

Anuj adds that he is habitual of the Shah family. He asks her to inform him if anything is required. Anupama talks to Vanraj and other family members about the upcoming 50th marriage anniversary of Leela and Hasmukh. She proposes the idea of their remarriage on the special occasion. Everyone appreciates the idea and start planning the celebration enthusiastically. Vanraj says the celebration will be held at the house and she will attend it too. They laugh at recalling past events. Kavya is irritated seeing Vanraj laughing with all family members.


Anupama Written Update 29 Nov: Kavya Brainwashes Paritosh

Anupama Written Update 29 Nov:Leela and Hasmukh are happy to know their idea. Hasmukh jokes and Leela asks him if he is still angry with her. He says he would not have joked if he was angry. They appreciate the attempt of the children. Meanwhile, Kinjal and Paritosh argue, and he blames Kavya for being jobless. Kinjal says she is not surprised by his taunts.

Kavya instigates him and says self-respect and career are important. She adds Kinjal has decided to become another Anupama. She states that relations that hold us back are foot chains. On the other hand, Leela and Hasmukh are happy with their children for celebrating their marriage anniversary. Anupama takes the clothes they wore on their marriage day for alteration. She is pleased to see them happy together. She recalls her 25th marriage anniversary with Vanraj and gets upset.

In a heated argument, Kavya states that she should be involved in the decision-making of household matters. Vanraj asks if she will instruct all family members to leave the house if he does not agree to her demands. He adds he will celebrate the anniversary at some other venue if she wants. Kavya stands shocked with his response.


Precap: Anupama and Kavya engage in an ugly argument.

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