Anupama Written Update 26 Nov: Vanraj’s Desire

Anupama Written Update 26 Nov: On Bhai Dooj, Leela is upset because her daughter Dolly is not coming to Shah house for the celebration. Kavya decides to impress the family members and greets them joyfully, but nobody replies with enthusiasm. She says she will call Dolly and ask her to come, but Vanraj refuses. Anupama calls Leela to ask her about her health. The latter asks invites her for the celebration, but she refuses, saying she has important work and needs to be at the office.

Kinjal says Pakhi will put ‘Tika’ on Vanjraj and Hasmukh. Pakhi decides to cheer up the Shah family, and thus she dances with Samar and Paritosh. The celebrations end on a cheerful note. Meanwhile, Anupama makes chocolate fudge thinking about Anuj. Vanraj and Leela talk about the wrongdoings of Kavya. He says she will continue to commit such mistakes.

Vanraj says he was never bothered because of family issues while he was married to Anupama. He adds that Hasmukh will never involve in matters of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and his children and Kavya will manage the issues amongst them on their own. He tells her not to treat her like Anupama because he will no longer involve in small matters because he wants to focus on his success.

Vanraj Desires Success


Anupama Written Update 26 Nov: Listening to his vision, Leela says that she will try to avoid problems in the family. She says that she can do anything for the success of his son. Kavya tries to overhear, thinking they might be planning against her. Leela informs Hasmukh about Vanraj’s vision. Hasmukh says he is happy to know that his son is thinking about himself because it will be better if he does not think about others this time.

At Anuj’s office, Anupama continues to think over Hasmukh’s and Samar’s words on Anuj’s love. Anuj is happy to see chocolate fudge saying he loves it. He recites poetry, and Anupama thinks he is talking to her but later realizes he was talking to the chocolate fudge. She later checks the magnet and finds Bhavesh’s sign on it.

At Shah residence, Kinjal and Paritosh argue about shifting to the penthouse. She says she does not trust him anymore because he does not respect or value her mother. Kavya tries to fix the argument, but Kinjal ignores her. Paritosh says he will tackle his matters and tells her to help Vanraj in the Café. Kavya taunts him back. On the other hand, Gopi Kaka is happy to see Anuj and Anupama laughing together.

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