Anupama Written Update 2nd Nov 2021: Anupama to Move on

Hasmukh is upset after Anupama leaves the house. At the dining table, Vanraj says she has left the house, and no one can stop living because of that. He calmly says that everybody should not be upset as the family is still together and the festival of Diwali is approaching. Kavya speaks ill about Anupama, which angers Hasmukh, and he leaves in the middle of dinner. Leela’s brother, Pakhi and Nandini leave the dinner as well.

Paritosh asks Kavya to give family members some time, and Leela also speaks ill of Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama is concerned about family and household chores. She says she is spending the night at her house after 26 years. She tells her mother that she left the house, but she is still concerned about the Shah residence. Her mother recalls the song they used to dance on. 

The next day, Samar wakes Anupama saying she has to start a new life from now on. She gets up and offers a prayer. She asks Lord Krishna to take care of family members saying she received love more than pain at the house. Leela speaks ill of Anupama. In response, Hasmukh says he wishes Anupama married a person like Anuj and not Vanraj.

Samar packs Anupama’s bag, and they are ready to leave for work. They decide to search for accommodation after the dance class. She says Dance Academy is a place of worship for her. She adds she left the house but not relations. Kavya instigates Leela and says that they need to protect their house from Anuj and Anupama.


Anupama, her mother and Samar dance and leave for work. She visits a property and is denied accommodation after she informs she is divorced. They engage in an argument when the landlord says that singles are shameless. She shuts the landlord with a striking answer. Anuj finds Anupama stamping papers in anger. He asks if there is any problem. She gets annoyed after listening to the ‘Single’ word. She tells him that she was denied accommodation at three properties because of her being single and divorced. He says that he will join her in the search for accommodation and make her laugh.    

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