Anupama Written Update 30 Dec: Christmas Celebration

Anupama Written Update 30 Dec: Anuj was helping Anupama in the preparation of the carrot cake. He played a prank that made Anupama teary. He consoles her and notices a change in Anupama’s behaviour. He wonders the reason for her different attitude and dreams of asking Anupama if she is in love with him. In his dream, he is pleased to know that Anupama loves him. However, Anupama decides to wait for the right moment to confess her love.  

Anuj has planned something special to gift Malvika this Christmas. At the Shah residence, Kavya and Malvika engage in an argument. Kavya feels insecure and dislikes Malvika. Vanraj is annoyed with this attitude of hers. She continues to doubt the bond between Malvika and Vanraj. After a while, Malvika appreciates Vanraj for getting the land for the restaurant. Kavya continues to feel insecure, and they play a prank on her. 


Shah family is excited about the Christmas celebration. Hasmukh and Leela’s brother dresses as Santa Claus. Everyone drees up for the party and meet at the hall. Gopi Kaka also dresses like Santa, calling himself ‘Teenage Santa’.

Anupama Written Update 30 Dec: Malvika’s Shocking Request

Anuj and Anupama visit the Shah residence, and Malvika appreciates their dress up, saying the best-dressed award would go to them. Samar adds that they will also win the best couple award.Anupama brings Gajar ka Halwa and carrot cake for Malvika. Impressed by Anupama, Malvika asks Hasmukh to get Anupama married to his brother. Gopi Kaka, Hasmukh and Anuj try to stop her but continue to request. 

Malika is upset when Anupama stops her. She leaves the house in anger because she does not like to be pointed out. Anupama goes after her and tries to make her understand how she was wrong by demanding something at the wrong time and wrong place. Malvika is convinced by her words and return to the party for the celebration. 

Precap: Gopi Kaka and Hasmukh ask Anupama to confess her feelings.   

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