Anupama Written Update 30 Nov: Anupama at the Shah house

Anupama Written Update 30 Nov: Kavya and Vanraj continue to fight over her statement in the last episode. He warns her not to hurt his family or ruin the anniversary celebration anyway. Meanwhile, Anupama learns to send e-mails. She decides to text messages in the English language. She picks up Leela and Hasmukh’s wedding clothes to alter them. Anuj knocks at her door in a panicked state.

Anupama opens the door, and he asks her if she is alright. He tells her he received a message from her asking to save her. She realises she accidentally sent the wrong mail because of auto typing. He explains to her about typos. At the Shah house, Vanraj rethinks about his vision and Kavya’s actions. Paritosh thinks over Kavya’s words. She brainwashed him in the previous episode and instigated him against his family.


Anupama Written Update 30 Nov: Anupama to stay at Shah house

Anupama Written Update 30 Nov: Looking at them, Samar thinks that Paritosh is very much like Vanraj. At Anupama’s house, Anuj asks about the wedding dress and misunderstands Anupama’s words thinking she is getting married. When she informs that Leela and Hasmukh are getting married, he misunderstands again. But when Anupama explains, he says he is relieved. Anupama is falling in love with Anuj.

Anuj says he could help her with work and tells her to instruct on what he should do. They joke, and he helps with the dress alteration. The next day, Hadmukh and Leela are pleased with the decoration. Children decide to conduct a pre-wedding photoshoot. Anupama comes running after work, and Leela brings her water. She decides to prepare mehndi for Leela.


While preparing mehndi, Kinjal asks Anupama if he can help. She says she would like to prepare mehndi for her wedding. Later, Kavya and Anupama engage in an arguement. Kavya says she is insulting her at her house. In response, Anupama says if he has gusts she should try to save the name on someone’s heart. They taunt each other, and Kavya stops when she sees Vanraj. Anupama wonders the reason for her behaviour.

Precap: Hasmukh and Leela wedding anniversary preparations continue.

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