Anupama Written Update 3rd Feb: Malvika Ends Partnership

Anupama Written Update 3rd Feb: Anupama tries to comfort an enraged Anuj. She understands his worry, saying brothers do not get angry; they are afraid that their sisters might fall and hold the hand of the wrong person. They worry about losing their sister. Anuj speaks out his concern, saying if she gets closer to Vanraj, she might be affected negatively. He decides not to let her sister fall apart and explain Vanraj, teaching him a lesson. He adds that he is doing this on purpose, knowing that Malvika’s feelings are genuine for him.

Anuj states Vanraj is a liar, cheat, trickster and conspirator. He tells Anupama he would not let him affect Malvika as he did with Anupama and Kavya. Furious at Vanraj, he asks her not to stop him while talking to Vanraj. Anupama decided to talk to him first. Malvika recalls Anuj’s words and rethinks about the partnership. She decides to sort out the mess.

The next day, Anupama heads to the Shah house, meeting Vanraj to discuss the situation related to Malvika. He jokes, asking for the check. Anupama says she has brought a reality check with her, reminding him he is 55 years old, father of three children, and will be a grandfather in a few years. She asks him to be shameful. Vanraj questions her back, saying her double standards are amazing because she is moving on in life with her boyfriend, and he is just doing a business partnership.

Anupama Written Update 3rd Feb: Vanraj instigates Malvika

Anupama Written Update 3rd Feb: Anupama points out that Malvika is mentally disturbed and that Vanraj is playing with her emotions, manipulating her. Vanraj admits that he did wrong with Anupama. He specifies that he is no longer interested in ordinary things like love, and he is only focused on his goal. Anupama sends him the contact details of Malvika’s Psychiatrist, advising him to consult a doctor.

Hamukh and Leela notice the tension between the two. Anupama warns him and advises him to draw a respectful line between Malvika and himself. They continue to argue on the issue. Malvika interferes and tells her that he is not responsible for the situation. She informs that she is ending the partnership. Whereas Anuj realises he overreacted last night, Malvika loves his brother the most and decided to end the business partnership as per his brother’s advice.

Losing his temper, Vanraj calls Malvikka stupid, idiotic, impractical and child-woman in his dream. Hasmukh criticizes his son, pointing out the wrong-doings of Vanraj. Vanraj tries to instigate Malvika against Anupama, saying she always had trouble with their partnership. He acts as a poor soul in front of Malvika, and Anuj interrupts him handing him the funds for his project. He says personal lives should be separated from professional lives, saying their lives are already complicated. Vanraj comments on the bond between brother and sister, saying she has made many sacrifices for him, she lost her parents because of him, but her love for him never diminished.

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