Anupama Written Update 31st Jan: Malvika’s Shocking Confession

Anupama Written Update 31st Jan
Anupama Written Update 31st Jan: Malvika Shocks Anupama

Anupama Written Update 31st Jan: Malvika enters the Shah house screaming Vanraj’s name, scaring Kinjal. She apologises for scaring her and informs Vanraj that she has decided to go ahead with the project in Mumbai. She tells him that they will launch their first restaurant in Mumbai.

Hasmukh and Leela are worried after hearing that Malvika and Vanraj will go to Mumbai. Vanraj reminds Malvika about her medicine, which Malvika left at home. He says he has the medicine and bring water for her. Family members notice the growing bond between Malvika and Vanraj and sense something fishy.

Malvika greets Kavya but does not receive any response from the latter. She leaves for work, and Vanraj comments that her attitude has changed after she was employed. Elsewhere, Anuj and Anupama discuss the situation between Vanraj and Malvika. Anupama states that Malvika is a bad company, and they need to talk to her before her behaviour changes.

Whereas, Vanraj is all set to achieve his goal. Kavya warns Vanraj of his efforts with Malvika. At the Shah house, Leela and Kinjal ask Hasmukh to talk to Anupama for handling the situation. He asks Leela to talk to Vanraj and make him understand about Malvika.

Anupama Written Update 31st Jan: Anuj learns about Malvika’s feelings

Anupama Written Update 31st Jan: Anupama and Malvika go out for a panipuri break, and the latter expresses her feelings about Vanraj. Malvika confesses her feelings, saying she likes Vanraj. She says she is finally understanding him, and he is a nice person who has made many mistakes, but he has accepted them and takes responsibility. Malvika adds that it is rare to find an honest and transparent person like him. She is impressed by him because he never judged her after knowing her past.

Anupama stands shocked on hearing Malvika’s words- “I Like Raj not just as a friend…”. Malvika says she feels everything is easy when he is around her. She states that she does not want anything from Vanraj but feels differently for him, which makes her happy. She requests Anupama not to tell Anuj about it, but he overhears their conversation. He loses his calm and grabs glass bottles on his way. He smashes them against a wall in anger.

Anupama finds Anuj furious and asks him the reason. He informs that he has heard all the talks, and he can not tolerate anyone eyeing his sister. Anuj’ concern is in Vanraj nature and personality because Vanraj’s presence ruined the happiness of Anupama and Kavya. He decides to fight Vanraj for his sister. Anupama tries to stop him, but Anuj asks her if she would have informed him about Malvika’s feelings if he had not overheard their talks, and Anupama says maybe not.

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