Anupama Written Update 3rd Nov: Anupama praises Anuj

Anuj lightened Anupama’s mood and made her laugh. He is pleased to see her happy. Sarla and Sarita taunt Leela asking the reason for Anupama to leave home. They also taunt her on the relation between Anuj and Anupama. When Anupma walks through the locality, she meets Leela and greets her. Leela insults her, saying she crossed all limits of shamelessness. She adds that she kicked Anupama out of the house, and she is no longer her daughter-in-law or daughter. She says there is no relation between Shahs and Leela.

When Anupama is about to leave, Kavya stops her and talks about the papers which will transfer her rights on the house to Leela. Anupama says that she never wanted a share in the house, and it always belonged to Leela. She says that she left the house for her pain, is leaving her rights on the house for Leela’s happiness, but she cannot leave relations with the family.

Samar and Nandini inform Anupama about the new Choreography offer. They notice the stress on Anupma’s face. On asking, she tells them that she feels relieved. She dances wholeheartedly, while Kavya convinces Vanraj to think about her part in the Dance Academy. Vanraj denies at first, saying this would upset Hasmukh further.

Anuj comes to the dance academy and watches Anupama dance with joy. Anuj returns Anupama’s phone because she left it at the office. He informs her that she received many calls regarding rental accommodation. He tells Anupama that he will join her in search of the house. Vanraj and Kavya overhear the talk. Vanraj agrees to talk about transferring her rights on the workhouse.


They travel in Auto-rickshaw. Anupama says that he looks rich, so Anuj removes his blazer and tie. Anupama asks him why is he so nice, and Anuj is smitten with her. Anupama likes a rental house and talks to the landlady. She informs she is single and divorced, and her friends and son will visit her often. Landlady says she understands because she is also single and has gone through inappropriate behaviours of the landlords. Landlady hand-over the keys to Anupama.

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