Naagin 5 27 September 2020 Written Update: Fight Between Adi Naag & Naagin, Veer Learns That Bani did not poison him

Naagin 5 27 September 2020 Written Update:  Tonight’s episode of Naagin 5 begins Veer getting angry because of Naag Mani. Mayuri is also noy letting up in her efforts to direct Veers anger towards Bani. Meanwhile Bani (pls refer to last night episode- Click Here) reaches the cave of Cheels clan. This is the same place where Veer had laid his brother to rest. Bani acting on her plan, Keeps the dead body of Veer’s brother in the moonlight. She is hoping that by desecrating Veer’s Brother will make veer furious and he will attack Bani. Moon light has a bad effect on cheels body when exposed to direct moon light. Shukla, Balwant’s aide, has followed Bani to the cave, informs Mayuri of Bani’s location. He tells Mayuri to bring Veer to the cave. Mayuri then informs Veer about Bani’s location. Veer in his current condition storms of to confront Bani. As soon as Veer leaves, Mayuri calls Jay’s Kidnappers to inform that their plan is in motion. However, Jay overhears their conversation. Mayuri leaves for the cave as well, upon arrival she hides along with Shukla and waits for moment when they will shoot Bani with the arrow to get all the powers of Adi Naagin. Also Read- Naagin 5 26 September 2020 Written Update: Mayuri plans to eliminate Bani, Jay-Bani Unite

Veer reaches the cave and asks Bani to leave his brother’s body alone. Veer and Bani get into a heated argument. Bani is intent on making Veer hurt her so that she’ll can kill him. Veer, however tries to stop Bani, but she is determined to get what she wants. Suddenly Veer holds Bani tightly. Sensing the opportunity Mayuri and Shukla release their respective arrows, but they miss as Veer Pushes Bani out of the harm’s way. There is however a third arrow, which was fired by Jay the Naag Raj. Jays arrow touches Veer leaving him unconscious. It is then The Naag raj reveals his true self. He confesses of his hatred for Naageshwari, because she was chosen over him by Lord Shiva as a recipient of all the power. He also reveals that he and Mayuri are partners and he joined hands with Mayuri so as to kill Naageshwari and take all the powers for himself. Bani then transform into her Adi Naagin form and manages to take unconscious Veer to Singhania’s residence. As Bani manages to escape, Jay get angry at Mayuri for foiling his plan to get Naageshwari’ s Powers. Also Read- Naagin 5 19 September 2020 Written Update: Veer-Bani Get Married. Veer wants to avenge his brother’s death

Upon reaching home, Balwant and Veer’s family is shocked to see Veer unconscious. Bani is surprised to know that Veer has been poisoned with Naag Mani. Balwant suspects that this is Mayuri’s doing and openly questions Mayuri. Bani leaves immediately to get the antidote. Bani call jay to help her get the antidote but Jay refuses to help. Instead Jay reaches the Old Naag Mandir and plans to take the herbs before the Aadi Naagin could reach the Mandir. Old Naag Mandir’s Mahaguru hands the herbs to Jai. When Bani reaches the temple, Jay does not let Mahaguru speak, and gives Bani the wrong Herbs. Bani takes a pot of herb believing that it is the antidote. Mahaguru tries to warn Bani but Jai makes Mahaguru drop the herb into the water. Once the herb comes in contact with water, they lose their effect. Mahaguru get angry and slaps Jay, who in turn Kills Mahaguru. Also Read- Naagin 5 Update 22 August 2020: Noor Get Killed by Meer, Jay Bani Fall in Love

Meanwhile, Balwant is frantically searching for the herbs, but to no avail. The delay in finding herbs is making Balwant furious. Bani reaches home with the herbs she got from Old Naag Mandir. She rushes to save Veer from the poison of Naag Mani, leaving a bewildered Balwant, who is wondering how come Bani was able to arrange the Herbs. Bani applies herbs on Veer’s chest. Instead of healing Veer body turns blue. Bani gets worried as to why the herb is not working on Veer. Seeing no other alternative Bani decides to use her powers to treat Veer, by killing the poison spreading through Veer’s body. While Bani is extracting the poison, she gets flashes of her wedding day and their moments with Veer. Bani is able to extract all poison from Veer’s body, he starts gaining consciousness. As soon as Veer get his consciousness back, he tells Bani that he will never let her forget what she did with his brother’s coffin. On the other hand, Balwant and Veer family is happy to see Veer out of danger. Mayuri is also relieved. She immediately passes on the news of Veers recovery to Jay, who is under the impression that Veer would not have survived the Naag Mani poison. As Jay is playing a double game, even Mayuri is not aware of Jay’s true intentions. Upon hearing the news of Veer’s recovery, Jay is furious and gets worried that Bani is getting close to Veer. He starts to plan on how to separate Bani and Veer. Meanwhile Tapish gives a drink to Veer. Veer asks him how and who saved him. Tapish reveals much to Veer’s surprise, that it was Bani who saved him.  Also Read- Naagin 5 New Promo: Maha Episode tonight on Colours TV from 8 pm [Watch promo]

Veer the asks what her intentions are. Veer vows that he will never leave Bani. He and Bani then go back to the cave where Veer learns that Bani was only pretending to hurt Teer Body. He makes Teer’s coffin appear and confirms his suspicion. He asks Bani why she pretended to hurt Teer’s coffin. Bani states that she wanted to make him hate her. She also tells veer that she was not the one to poison him but instead has saved his life. On Veer’s insisting, Bani reveals that since he didn’t hurt her despite her instigation, she saved him in return. Veer is mesmerised by Bani’s beauty. They share eye contact. They both wonder who poisoned him. Also Read – Sid Mallya to author a book on Mental Health “conSIDer This”

Tonights Naagin 5 27 September 2020 Written Update: Veer questions Mayuri about her whereabouts when he was fighting for his life. On the other hand, Jai ponders over everything that has happened until now. Jai plans to take an entry in Singhania house. Veer gets suspicious about Mayuri. The latter is stressed and she plans to do something soon. Ponky asks everyone to gather in the hall. Ponky reveals that he wants to marry Mayuri. Bani is not impressed. Veer believes Bani is jealous of Mayuri. Ponky and Mayuri get engaged. Also Read- Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar share their family vacation Pictures

Bani gets Jai’s message. Mayuri teases Veer. Mayuri manipulates Veer into believing that she was hiding her feeling about Ponky. Jai is furious with Bani and asks her why she didn’t kill him. Bani wonders how he learned about Veer being poisoned and saving him. Jai manipulates him. Jai tells him to take an entry into the Singhania house. Bani stops him. Bani shares her guilt about killing Teer. Jai calms her down. He takes an entry into the Singhania house and everyone is shocked. Also Read- Naagin 5 actress Shivani Gosain says “It is a nice interesting role”

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