8 Tips for Healthy & Safe Diwali

8 Tips for Healthy & Safe Diwali: With the advent of the festival season. The urge to go all out is un-suppress able. However, with Covid threat still looming large on our heads, its advisable to celebrate Diwali in a healthy and safe manner. These 8 tips are simple yet effective, if followed, they will help you reduce the chances of Covid or dengue.

8 Tips for Healthy & Safe Diwali

Maintain Physical Distancing

With the first lock down, its has been essential that we practice safe distancing. With Diwali round the corner, it is crucial to maintain physical distancing as the threat of a 3rd wave of the coronavirus cannot be ignored. The festival of lights celebrates victory of good over evil. Lets all try to defeat the evil of this dreadful disease. It’s advisable to maintain atleast  distance of at least 1 meter from each other and avoid spending time in crowded places.

Refrain from the Use of Sanitizers Before Lighting Candles or Diyas

Use of sanitisers has become a part of our daily routine now. As these sanitizers are alcohol based, its common sense that we ensure that the use of sanitizers is avoided during lighting candles or diyas. Wait for at least 15 to 20 mins if you have used any form of alcohol-based sanitizers. In fact it would be highly advisable that you wash the hands properly before lighting up candles or diyas.

Use Masks

The air quality being what it is, use of masks will really help you and your family to breath easy and not inhale the toxic gases that are in the air from the use of crackers. Also, masks have proven to be effective barriers against the spread of COVID-19.

Wear Proper Clothes

The seasonal viral infections are on the rise, thus it is advisable to wear clothes that gives you complete coverage( maximum part of your body is covered). Also, since the festival of light is also about fire crackers, diyas and family gatherings, if possible, avoid Chiffon, georgette, satin and silk fabrics. As these are more susceptible to fire. Easier said than done, however, one can always be careful as these are the trending fabrics that everyone loves to wear during festivals

Eat healthy and nutritional filling food

Diwali is traditionally the time to celebrate the festivities and indulging in delicacies like sweets and snacks. This is also the time that can really kick you weight loss program out of gear or rather out of track. There are however, a lot of healthy options that help you manage the social gatherings and the urge to gorge on the food during these times. Overindulgence in foods can result in an upset stomach, formation of gas and heartburn. Eat a healthy, nutritional filling foods, fruits, and nuts. Drinks lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.

Get COVID Vaccination

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Be Compliant to Your Medications

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With these 8 Tips for a Healthy And Safe Diwali celebration in mind, we would like to wish ou and our family a very happy and prosperous Diwali

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