Anupama Written Update 16 Dec: Vanraj hosts a grand party

Anupama Written Update 16 Dec: Anuj continues to think about Malvika and decides to tell Anupama at the right moment. After Paritosh leaves for the Shah house, Anuj tells Anupama that she does not need to work in the kitchen the entire day only because she is taking care of him. In response, she says she is doing it willingly, and there is no compulsion. She adds that women should decide whether she wants to work an entire day in the office or the kitchen. They talk about feminism. 

Anupama brings decoction for Anuj, which he refuses to drink. She forces him to drink it, and he continues to deny it but finally agrees. When the doorbell rings, Anupama opens the door and finds Vanraj. They discuss Anuj’s health. Vanraj informs them about a party that he is throwing and invites them. Anuj says he can’t attend that party because of an urgent meeting. 


Samar proposes Nandini for marriage during the dance rehearsals at the dance academy. Nandini accepts the proposal, saying he should ask Leela to fix a date for their wedding. They hope that Anupama also wishes to marry Anuj soon. On the other hand, Hasmukh is worried for Vanraj. He wonders the reason for the party. He tells Leela Vanraj is acting different and hopes there is no shocking news. She asks him to have faith. Vanraj is happy and excited about the party, and Kavya is clueless.

Anupama Written Update 16 Dec: Anuj to Meet Malvika

Anupama Written Update 16 Dec: Meanwhile, Anuj decides to tell Anupama everything about Malvika after meeting her. He is mesmerised by Anupama’s beauty and compliments her. Anupama reaches the party and searches for Vanraj. She wonders the reason for the expensive party that he has organized. 


Vanraj thanks her for coming to the party. Anupama says he looks changed. The family arrives and wonders how Vanraj organized a party at an expensive hotel. Malvika arrives at the venue and is annoyed by heels. Meanwhile, Anuj is impatient and excited to meet her.  

Precap: Vanraj announced his new venture Vanika Teamworks and invites his partner Malvika on the stage. Malvika runs towards Anuj on seeing him and gives him a hug shocking the Shah family. 

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