Anupama Written Update 5th Feb: Anuj’s Shocking Decision

Anupama Written Update 5th Feb
Anupama Written Update 5th Feb: Anuj's Shocking Decision

Anupama decides to end the partnership and leave Auj’s house. While informing Anuj about her decision, she says she will always be with him and ask him to take care of Malvika. Anuj gets emotional along with Anupama and tells her that his destiny makes him wait for someone too much, and now it is time for the wait to be over. He no longer wants to live without Malvika or Anupama, asking the latter to support his decision.

The next day, Anupama offers Anuj curd and sugar for good luck. She tells him she will accompany him on all the paths he takes. At the Shah house, Vanraj asks Paritosh to come with him to the office because Malvika asked him to come early. Hasmukh suggests Vanraj go to the office only after the matter cools down because his presence will cause more tension and Anger.
Vanraj apologises to his father and leaves for office. He meets Malvika to know Anuj’s decision. Anupama and Malvika are shocked and upset with his decision to make the latter the owner of all his wealth and property. Whereas, Vanraj is delighted to learn about it.

Anupama Written Update 5th Feb: Anupama Explains Anuj

Anupama Written Update 5th Feb: Anupama continues to question Anuj and tries to explain that he should not separate from his sister. Anuj discusses his concern, saying he can not stay silent after seeing what Malvika is doing, but also feels that Malvika will make her way herself and manage things on her own. Anupama explains that everyone needs a dear one. She points out that the problem is she is in a business partnership with the wrong person.

Anupama emphasises that there is no separation in the relation of brother-sister. Dear ones are never left in trouble. She says both will suffer because of his decision. Anupama asks him to think what if Malvika hands over the key to all his wealth and property to Vanraj. Failing to answer her question, Anuj says he has no other option, but Anupama continues to tell him that his decision is wrong. She asks him to fight for his relationship.

Anuj never thought of himself as the owner of all the wealth and property. He was waiting for Malvika to become self-independent. He adds that he is only giving up his rights but will always have Malvika’s responsibility. Malvika, upset with his brother’s decision, says she is not selfish and can not take what Anuj and Anupama deserve. Vanraj tries to manipulate Malvika, asking her to listen to him.

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