Anupama Written Update 7th Feb: Anupama’s Big Determination

Anupama Written Update 7th Feb: Anuj is upset and emotional after his feelings were hurt because of the situation between Vanraj and his sister. Malvika is now the owner of all his wealth and property after Anuj named the business after her. Anupama does not support his decision and explain how it will ruin his sister’s life. She continues to convince him to change his decision. Anupama refuses when Anuj seeks her support for his new journey. She says he should not stop fighting for the happiness of his sister.

Anupama states that she can not define what he means to him and will try her best to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life. She is ready to face his wrath and hate but would not support him in this mistake. Elsewhere, Vanraj manipulates Malvika, who wants to return all the property to his brother. He tries to convince her to keep all the wealth and rethink her decision, saying Anuj chose Anupama over his sister.

Vanraj says they could not stand the bond between Malvika and him, and passing everything to her was just a farce. He adds that they looked good to society with this drama but made her look bad because society would blame her for snatching all the wealth from his step-brother. Vanraj says that Anuj is only Anupama’ boyfriend, her puppet, at the moment, and she is making her dance to her tunes. He adds that Anuj values Anupama over her and he only returned her the wealth.

Anupama Written Update 7th Feb: Anupama’s Request

Anupama tells Anuj that he should not give up on his sister. She does not want Anuj to leave her alone with Vanraj because he is only interested in wealth and uses her for his goals and selfish reasons. Anuj does not want to control Malvika’s life anymore and does not want to repeat his mistakes by not trusting her. Anupama calls Vanraj a dog’s tail, saying he is the worst match for Malvika. She points out the faults of Vanraj and requests Anuj to change his decision.

At the Shah house, Leela is worried about the whole situation, and Kavya is worried that she might lose her job after Anuj and Anupama’s partnership ends. She prays to Lord that Malvika and Vanraj’s partnership ends, but not Anuj and Anupama’s business partnership. Meanwhile, Anuj refuses to change his decision. Hence, Anupama decides not to be a part of it.

Vanraj tells Malvika that probably Anupama manipulated Anuj against his sister. He adds that they believe she can not handle business on her own. On the other hand, Anupama decides to talk to Malvika, saying she will also fight all his sorrows and problems. She comforts Anuj, wiping his tears. Anupama walks into Malvika’s office and asks Vanraj to leave them alone. Vanraj argues but leaves after Malvika asks him. He is worried that Anupama might ruin all his plans.

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