Anupama Written Update 8th Jan: Malvika’s Horrifying Past

Anupama Written Update 8 Jan 2022
Anupama Written Update 8 Jan 2022| Malvika's Horrifying Past

Anupama Written Update 8th Jan: Malvika is scared and shivers, sitting on the floor with her chin touching her knees. Anupama and Anuj are shocked and worried, seeing her condition. Malvika runs to her room and locks herself inside. Anuj runs after her, followed by Anupama. They knock on her door and urge her to open it. She yells and screams, requesting not to beat her. In a scared and desperate state, she looks for some medicine.

Anupama tries to open the door using a hairpin, but the effort fails. She runs to the kitchen and finds something to unlock the door. When Anuj asks if the trick will help, she tells him that she used it whenever Pakhi used to lock herself inside. She finally unlocks the door, and they find Malvika on the floor crying, yelling and requesting not to beat her.


Looking at her state, Anuj gets emotional and runs to his room. He cries, blaming himself for the state of her sister. Anupama tries to console Malvika and finds medicine in her stuff. She calls Anuj and asks her about the medicine. He is shocked at finding the medicine for depression. He says he never knew his sister was on medication for depression.

Anupama Written Update 8th Jan: Malvika faced Domestic Violence

Anupama Written Update 8th Jan: Anupama, clueless about the reason for such a reaction from Malvika, asks Anuj the reason for her condition. She requests him to tell her what happened in the past that has harmed her so much. He says he is responsible for this condition of her sister.


Anuj informs that Malvika was in love with Akshay, who loved her only for her wealth. He disliked Akshay and asked him to leave Malvika. Later, he married Malvika to an educated and wealthy man who belonged to a reputed family, a perfect man for Malvika in Anuj’s opinion. He believed his sister was happily married, but one day on new year’s eve, he visited his sister’s house and found her crying in the corner of her room. She was scared, hurt and had injuries all over her body.


Anuj says he married her sister to a man who assaulted her, and she had to suffer domestic violence. He says domestic violence is normalised in society, and thus, many women are suffering. He adds that his life is miserable because his sister faced a breakdown because of him. His family treated her like a princess, and she was always sensitive. Elsewhere, the Shah family is worried because Anuj, Anupama and Malvika did not reach the Shah house for the celebration.

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