Naagin 5 September 5 Written Update: Veer decides to marry Bani’s sister, Meera and Bani perform Tandav

Naagin-5 September 5 Written Update: Tonight’s episode starts with Veer thanking Bani for the dance. Bani then tells Veer that she hates him. Meanwhile, Veer’s brother forces Jay to drink alcohol. Fight ensues between two characters, leaving Veer’s brother suspicious of Jay’s powers.

The other Naagin Naina, reaches the old shiv temple, while Bani and Veer are talking. Veer’s brother gets a whiff of the Naagin. He then tells Balwant that he can smell a naagin.  Then they find and decide to capture Naina. Veer asks Bani why she hates him so much? He tells Bani that he feels a bond towards her, may be due to his past life. Also See – Naagin 5 26 September 2020 Written Update: Mayuri plans to eliminate Bani, Jay-Bani Unite

Naagin-5 September 5 Written Update

Meanwhile, Jay is looking for Bani and Naina and he also reaches the Shiv Temple. Suddenly the electricity is switched off, taking advantage of the darkness and chaos Veer’s brothers capture Naina. While this is happening, at the hotel Veer’s brother’s men capture all the girls. The girls are then taken to a location where Veer’s brother runs is illegal business of trafficking of young girls business. Also See- Naagin 5 19 September 2020 Written Update: Veer-Bani Get Married. Veer wants to avenge his brother’s death

Balwant and the Singhania’s conclude their business. Meanwhile Veer, Jay and Bani find the reason behind sudden electricity failure and see that the main fuse is missing. They realise that the Singhania’s are behind this. Cheel Clan also realize that Naina is missing. They also connect this incident with Noor’s death. Bani decides to find Naina while Jay calls the police.

Naagin 5 September 5 Written Update:

Naina is taken to Balwant’s location by Veer’s brother. Jay and veer reach the location. Seen Jay and veer, Veer’s brother hides. And as they are about to take the truck (which has all the kidnapped girls) away, Veer stops him. Veer gets suspicious of his family.

While all this is happening, Bani is also searching for Naina. Suddenly she spots Veer’s brother, who gets a call. She overhears the conversation about killing someone. Bani decides to follow him.  

The Singhania’s decide to kill the girls by fitting a bomb in the truck. The Truck is leaving and Bani decides to follow the truck. She informs Jay that she is tailing the truck. Also See – Naagin 5 September 13, 2020 Written Update: History Repeats- Bani kills Veer after Jay is murdered by the Cheels

Bani transforms into her Naagin form to follow the truck. The catches up with the truck and climbs inside. She opens the trucks door to find all kidnapped girls and frees them.

In the next scene, Veer is about to leave with his brothers but tells them that he has to leave for some other work and will catchup later. Bani also finds Naina with the girls. Naina also transforms   into her Naagin form to capture the driver.

Jay then gets Bani’s message, that she has found the girls and is following the truck. Veer meets up with Jay. Jay warns Veer that if any harm comes to Bani, he will kill him. He tells Veer that Bani has gone behind his family’s truck. Also See- Naagin 5 27 September 2020 Written Update: Fight Between Adi Naag & Naagin, Veer Learns That Bani did not poison him

Veer goes behind the truck. The bomb explodes, but Veer saves Bani in just nick of time. Blast renders Bani unconscious. After saving Bani, Veer contemplates on why did he just save a life. He then decides that he is in love with her and because of these feeling he saved her life. Veer then takes Bani to a safe location.

The next scene of Naagin 5 :

The Pandits on the rahasyamayi mandir are getting worried about what Naina might have revealed about the true identity of Bani.

While Jay is searching for Bani, he checks the news to find the truck that Bani was following, burning. He gets worried for Bani’s safety. Meanwhile, Veer brings the unconscious Bani to room, but he can not stop himself from looking at her. Suddenly Bani’s phone rings, Its Jay’s call. Veer cancels the call. Suddenly he finds that Bani has injured her neck. He then cleans and dress her wounds and say that he can not see her in this condition. Veer holds her hand and takes care of her.

The local police reach the blast site. They are in the process of securing the place when Jay reaches the blast site and inquires about Bani. He is really worried for Bani’s safety. The weather changes and then it starts to rain. Bani regains her consciousness and is bewildered about where she is, how did she reach here.

Bani goes out of the room and calls Jay. She shares her location with Jay. He reaches the location and is happy to see Bani safe. Veer is keeping an eye on Jay and Bani from far and is angry. Jay asks Bani that how did she reach this place. Bani can not remember anything. As Bani and Jay are about to leave, Bani remember that her jhumka is still in the room, she goes inside to find it. She searches the room but can’t find her jhumka’ s. Veer has already taken the jhumka. They then leave the place

Bani tells Jay that though she does not remember how she reached that place; she remembers that the Girls were freed and taken out of the truck before the blast. Suddenly Bani starts to gets visuals of her past and starts to transform into her Naagin form. Bani asks Jay to stop the car and runs in the jungle. She then transform into her Naagin form and is angry. Bani the starts to think why is she getting angry?  why is this happening to her?

Jay catches up with Bani and asks her what had happened to her. Jay later drops Bani at her home and asks her to take care. Bani finds Veer’s car at her place. Jay and Bani rush to check if Bani’s family is safe.

She finds Veer sitting at her place and she asks him why he is there. Bani’s mother asks Meera to give tea to Veer. Bani gets angry and says that Veer should be thrown out of the house. Bani’s mother tells her that Veer has come here with a marriage proposal. Bani is angry and says that she is not ready for the marriage and Veer tells her that the proposal is for Meera and not her. Bani and Jay are shocked to hear this. Bani’s mother tells Veer that Meera is ready for the marriage. Meera also tells that she is ready for the marriage. Veer asks Bani’s mother to give her some sweets as their Roka ceremony is tomorrow. Also See- Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer.

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