Naagin 5 September 12 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer.

Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Tonight's Episode in Full details and explanations

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Naagin 5 26 September 2020 Written Update
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Naagin 5 September 12 Written Update:  Tonight’s episode starts with Bani telling Jay that she will finish the Cheel vansh. Bani says that killing them will avenge the killing of her family and her past life true love Jay. Bani says that she will not let the history repeat itself but will rather change it.  Meanwhile, Bani’s family preps for the roka ceremony of her elder sister. Bani takes charge of getting Meera ready for her function. Meera’s mother tells Bani that the makeup should be perfect and she must glow. Bani tells her sister that Veer is a Cheel and a bad person. She also tells Meera that she has found out about her past. Bani tells Meera that she wants to kill Veer along with his entire family as they are icchadati cheels, but wants to make sure if Meera has any feelings for Veer. However, Meera tell Bani to kill them all and also to stay. In the next scene Bani gets a call from Jay and she tells him that she is getting ready for the roka. Also Read – Naagin 5 September 6, 2020, written update: Jay & Bani reach the rahasyamay mandir

Bani Decides that she will Take Revenge from Cheel Vansh

During the phone conversation Jay tells Bani to be careful. Bani then tell Jay that she will kill Cheel vansh tonight. She does not want the history to repeat itself. She says I will do it myself. Jay says this is our fight. Bani counters him and says last time we were together. But this time she will take charge and do it all alone.

Veer’s father is upset as Veer has locked himself up in the room. The staff informs him that the sunlight has struck him and he is trying to regain his powers. Bani’s family reaches Veer’s house for the roka ceremony and the celebrations begin. Also Read – Naagin-5 September 5, 2020 Written Update: Veer decides to marry Bani’s sister, Meera and Bani perform Tandav

Bani takes the form of Adi Naagin and one-by-one attack all the Cheels present in the house but it was all the dream.

Jay barges inside his house. He is fuming. He gets flashback of how Cheel wanted Aadi Naagin. His sister wonders why he is so disturbed. She asks him what happened. Jay can hear sounds. He quickly changes into a snake and wraps himself around his sister. He shifts her, saving her from a falling ceiling fan. Jay tells them that he is an Icchadhari Naag. They feel elated knowing it. Jay tells them to keep it a secret. Also Read- Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020: Meer Takes Cheel Form, Bani & Jay Get Into Their Original Naag Form

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  1. […] Jay comes in among Bani and Veer and hits Veer tough at the face. because the music performs inside the historical past, Jay hits Veer and Veer asks his buddies no longer to come in between and let him beat him up. Veer and his gang of friends leave from the house. Bani realises that Noor is missing and suspects that Veer Singhania and gang took her with themselves. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer. […]

  2. […] Bani and jay discuss the plans for killing the Cheel vansh, once their families are safe at home. Veer, on the other hand takes to the floor and says there will be a dance-off between the bride’s and sasuraal side. At the last of the competition, Jay says that the winner will be announced after a couple dance wherein both the couples will dance together. Also Read| Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer. […]

  3. […] Naagin 5 26 September 2020 Written Update: In tonight’s episode, Mayuri is mixing a medicine in Bani’s water, her plan however backfires when Mayuri’s aide is trying to molest Bani and Veer reaches there. Veer then beats up Mayuri’s aide who was posing as a makeup artist. In the mean while Jay trying to loosen himself from detention. Jay after freeing himself call Bani. Bani does not receive the call. Jay then transform in his Naag form and reaches Singhania’s residence. Jay is rather left heartbroken as he finds out that Bani and Veer are married. Also Read –Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer. […]

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